Thursday, May 31

Do you need to apply for a loan?

I know for a fact that at some point or another everyone of us consider of applying for a loan. However big or small we earn, some household have two income earners, some are just plainly put well-off, there are just times when we need extra cash inflow.. sometimes huge cash inflow to cover our outflow. You maybe buying a house and need payment for the equity or already paying the mortgage of the house, kids are going to college and need money for tuition, paying for a house major renovation, paying a huge telephone, electricty, water or internet bills - yeah, they do sometimes get so enormous that you can't pay them from your usual budget, or those crunching moments where bills get caught up that you need a breather. Facing one, some or all of these dilemna, we sometimes resort to getting loans. Because, I know it's the most and easy way to temporarily cope.

In this day and age, getting a loan is sometimes easy and there are plenty of loan plans to choose from. You maybe a student and doesn't own any property so you apply for a personal loan. If you're a home owner, you are apt to apply for a home loan, your home being the collateral. Some company doesn't do credit checks so whatever your credit standing is, you can still secure a loan. Well, just make sure that you will pay.

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Wednesday, May 30

"I am now 34 weeks"

I am now 34 weeks.. 6 weeks more to go, might be more or less and I'll be out of my Mum's belly. How nice is that? There will be enough room to stretch unlike now that I get squashed when Mummy eats too much. Well, I am being bad at times also because when I am too annoyed, I nudge her right side and ribs with my bum causing her pain that take loooonggg to go away. And sometimes, I do sommersault too which makes her panic which part of her belly to rub. How about if I squashed her full bladder? What can you say about that?

Those were just my little pay-offs but often times, I am really good and interactive.

When Mum rubs her part of the belly where my bum or knee pushed, I settle down right away. And when Dad tap Mummy's belly to wake me up, I react instantly to let them know that I am very much awake and just waiting for him to play with me. My Dad is also helping Mum feel a little comfy and he push me down if I am hurting Mummy's left side and I move down that same minute. I'm afraid Dad won't share his chocolate to me when I get out of here.

For 34 weeks, this is what I've been up to as well as Mum's:

This week of pregnancy, your baby is almost 19½ inches in length and weighs almost 5 pounds now. Your amitotic fluid will reach its maximum capacity this week (about 2 pints), so your baby will be resting on the walls of the uterus rather than floating in the amniotic fluid. Your baby is drinking about a pint of that amniotic fluid each day and urinating the same amount. Urine, along with sweat and other fluids from your baby, help to make up the amniotic fluid. Your baby's growth rate has slowed down some but is still steady, as he or she continues to put on weight and fill out. Your baby's skull is still pliable and not completely joined, so that he or she can ease out of the birth canal.

The top of your uterus has risen to almost 6 inches above your belly button at this point in your pregnancy and you may have gained 24-30 pounds. As your growing baby moves lower in the birth canal, you may be feeling like he or she will fall out, with the added pressure. This may be quite uncomfortable at times and if you are concerned about it, contact your doctor or midwife. They just might perform a pelvic exam to check to see how low your baby’s head is. Braxton Hicks contractions may be getting more numerous and stronger now, which is typical as your due date approaches.

Psssttttt! I know that Mum and Dad are talking about me right now! I'll feign sleep so I could listen more!

Strong Pain Reliever For You

MCJ always experiences pain, sometimes mild migraine, neck pain and for some occasion the intense tooth ache. We always see to it that we have pain relievers handy in every location at the house that he often stays, the room, kitchen, even in the office and in the car. Pain relievers are always present in our shopping list because as much as possible we don't want to run out of it.

With my discovery of Codalgin, one of the most powerful pain relievers available without prescription, we might consider buying or ordering this brand. Codalgin provides fast and effective temporary relief for strong pain and discomfort associated with back pain, period pain, muscle pain, toothache, and the like. Now, we don't have to buy separate pain reliever for those intense pains.

What's unique in this pain reliever are; it is suitable for asthmatics who are sensitive to aspirin and NSAIDs, it is Lactose and Sugar Free and does not contain calmative, like most pain reliever have, and is therefore less likely to cause drowsiness.

And if you're in the other side of the world and doesn't have direct access to Codalgin, worry no more! Order Codalgin online and it will be deliver right in your doorstep for free where ever you maybe.

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Mock Me Baby

I've put on weight lately.

Not surprisingly though because I have been pigging out really! I crave for a lot of food that I usually didn't two months ago. I have been sucking on lollies almost all day. I don't really eat much but just nibbles on something every now and then. And those excess calories stayed in my body.

But the midwife in our antenatal class said that when the Big Day is drawing nigh, pregnant women tend to store fats up to 2 kilos in their body as a reserve energy during labor. Now, that's my excuse!

Actually, I am not really concern about getting fat.. my biggest concern is Bubba getting bigger and bigger that I may not be able to deliver him normally. I don't like the idea of CS. So, I have been cutting down my carbo intake lately (I think, I've said this many times) but sometimes the temptation is too strong that I can't resist.

And being round and chubby, I am MCJ's laughing stock sometimes. :D

One morning, he saw the fat layers in my back and said, "You're turning into an elephant, Sweetheart!" Funny thing is, I am always singing the tube commercial of Bindi Irwin (Steve Irwin's daughter). The lyrics goes like this: "I am an elephant...." . MCJ would sometimes said after hearing me singing that, "Yes, you are.. you just lack trunk." Hahaha!

One afternoon, I summoned him to the kitchen to plug the oven to the socket as I can't reach it. I'm about to cook chips. Before doing what I said, he mock me saying "You won't fit even to the garage door of the hospital at the rate you're eating." Can you take that?

I just shrug my shoulders to these mockery! I just love eating! :D They didn't worry me the least.

(I just had my lunch but I am thinking of fixing up something soon. - Hehehe)

Tuesday, May 29

Opening an Online Shop?

I've been seeing in the news and other tube programs lately that more and more mothers, especially those stay-at-home, are going into online shop business. Some are tapping with already established online shops and some are creating their own websites. And for soon-to-be-mom and determined to look after my baby personally, this business idea had crossed my mind several times and actually consider to have one given the right opportunity and resources.

I know that going into online business, is not just a walk in the park. There are many aspects of this competitive and widely spread type of business that you need to scrutinize and take into account. With the numerous facets, it's now one down. Thanks to Ashop Commerce, the award winning shopping cart software. Yes, I think I found the right shopping cart software to go with the online business that I am mulling over.

Ashop ecommerce software offers a complete solution for merchants to sell online. It is actually managing your website and online business from one complete shopping cart software. And it is very user friendly for a non-programmer like me as there is no plug-ins or programming required and the technical support is free via phone, email or chat. Now, how cool is that?

I might be blabbering too much of what I found out from Ashop's website. It's time to get back to chewing over the other phases of my BIG plan.

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Now I know...

..... that when your baby is nearing full term, trimming your toe-nails and wearing socks and runners are tasks that you need help to accomplish.

..... that almost a month from now, MCJ will be the one to do all those simple errands for me.

How I wish, I'd let my toe-nails grow longer before and get used to it and just seek the help of the salons for pedi.

Win A Date With A Celeb Anyone?

Do you like watching dating shows on the tube? What do you like in them?

Yes, I do love watching dating shows. It is a stimulating game and your sense of anticipation is always heightened with several contestants participating the show and their unique personality showcase.

But how much more thrilling would it be if the dating game is done online and you got to date a celeb in the name of Mirelly Taylor, the hot celebrity from Kiss Me Again, Numb3rs, Las Vegas and Serving Sara? is now running an online dating game, Seduce a Celeb. And because this dating game is done online, anyone can join the program so you're looking forward to dates of almost all the bachelors in town. Unlike other dating shows where the contestants were already pre-screened and were carefully chosen before the fete is allowed in the airwave, Seduce a Celeb doesn't go like this. All the contestants who joined and dated Mirelly Taylor will have their video of the game and be posted in Sounds like a director's cut version of a show.

Also don't miss to visit as Emmy Award Winning Producer, Scott Sternberg, and Andrew Firestone from “The Bachelor” are also part of the show. I've seen one season of The Bachelor and I enjoyed it. I bet this Seduce a Celeb show would be more than two times sensational as any other dating shows.

For a sneak peak of the dating game, check this one out:

And better yet check the Free Videos at and let your eyes perve on Mirelly Taylor or any of the hilarious contestants.

Monday, May 28

Grab The Free Calorie Counter

Going for a diet now a days are pretty much a walk in the park. Thanks to those very helpful materials available like books, magazines and the world wide web. But these media do not always come at no cost rather you have to buy them or subscribe when you're using the online guide.

But there is this one website that offers 100% free calorie counter which is fast and easy to use. The It offers free registration and diet journal. It is so flexible that it works with any diet plan. is made to help people lose weight the healthy way.

Hurry and head on to their website now and start counting your calorie for free.

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Sunday, May 27

Alexa Ranking Tag

Tagged by Dangkin. Sounds hard work but I know, the payoff is good. Sigurista ba? So here it is!

~Start Copying Here~

Alexa Redirect Train by Carl Ocab.

Rules:Put anything you like above this list “ Chit Chat, talkies, introduce what this is. Something like that.

Start copying on the ~Start Copying Here~ and copy all the things listed without removing the links. (Of course, the train would be no use without those links.)

Move all the sites labeled "Newcomers" to the list labeled "Oldies".

Add 5 sites that you want to include in the train and make their link like this: then invite them to join the train.

Visit all the listed sites! (That's not much work! Remember, if you plant good seeds they will also grow good) and look at your high Alexa ranking next week!


Female Gamer
Garry Conn
Pinoy Seminars
Cafe Romanza
Blog About Money Online
Manila Mom
How to earn money online?
Quasi Fictional
Make Money Blogging!
Make Money Online 2.0
Nate Whitehill
Grow your Writing Business
Gary Lee
Smart Wealthy Rich
Make Money Online with a 13-year Old
Erik Karey: Internet Entrepreneur
Hate The Grind
Earn Money Blogging
Ate Ghee
Mousey Ju

~End Copying Here~

Hope you'll try it guys! This will help increase traffic to our site. :D

Yummy Shoes

Here's a treat for those of you who loves chocolate and at the same time shoes! This is really fab gift.. but if given one, I won't eat them rather preserve them. Must have transparent fridge or esky. :D

Masterfully combining two of my greatest passions, and two of life's greatest treasures, Gayle Harte of Gayle's Chocolates is obviously some sort of genius for creating these stunning chocolate shoes.

Perfect as a gift for a chocolate lover, or the ideal gift for a shoe-obsessed friend, these stunning Gourmet Chocolate Shoes from Gayle's Chocolates taste as great as they look.

And if you like the way these chocolate shoes look, wait until you get a load of Gayle's Glittering Metallic Mules. Equally fabulous in gold or silver, these chocolate mules are covered with edible luster dust.

The Glittering Metallic Mules

Here's how Gayle's Chocolate evolve. Gayle was born in 1947 and her genetics reveals her passion for chocolate and from then on, she used to hang out in the kitchen and learn about Austrian pastries. In 1950, her first culinary adventure where she made chocolate pudding from scratch. And the rest is history.

Brand New 28 Day Drug Rehab

In the recent past, most drug rehab takes longer than a month and with the cost associated with it, by the time the patient or victim is cured.. it already created a hole in your pocket! Not to mention the valuable time spent by the victim inside the rehabilitation center. It could have been time well spent in spreading the news of his or her cure or a time usefully spent in enriching ones life after the turmoil.

With, drug rehab only takes 28 days for the first step considering that this is the hardest part of the treatment where victims have to accept that they indeed needed help in this department. is located in Michigan and is treating drug and alcohol victims all over the wider states of America.

The First Step Drug Rehab helps achieve sobriety in five stages namely; Detoxification and Withdrawal, Self Control and Communication Exercises, Sauna Cleansing Process, Study Improvement, and Drug Free Remedies for Discomforts.

There is life after addiction recovery and you need not a long time to have that life!

Saturday, May 26

Baby's Stuff

When you're anticipating, preparing and are excited for the arrival of your little angel, your mind never runs out of things to buy. You can not really go shopping in one time and buy all you think bubba will need, which I planned to do, because every day you think of something new.. you see a magazine and the ads are too enticing that you consider buying the same for him, there's the internet shopping website that you accidentally hopped-in to... and media too many to mention.

And when you're actually shopping, there's this color for gender to consider. We already know what's Bubba's gender but US scan is not 100% accurate. And the stuff that lured my eyes were all colored not just plain white. Whew!

Then, there's brand to mull over! Ahhh! Anyway, people here are not brand-conscious and don't really go for signature items, so it doesn't worry me that much! Plus, I reckon.. I don't want to start spoiling Bubba from birth. :D Anyway, MCJ and I always go for quality.

But, what I like most is.. stuff just keeps coming to our house. Some are personally made. MCJ's cousin did some winter blanket for Bubba.. crocheted and sewn flanellete! Isn't she sweet!? I don't mind recieving hand-me-downs either! MCJ's niece just gave birth almost two months ago.. so heaps of slightly used baby's stuff are flowing in.

Yet, baby's stuff is not packed yet. Got more shopping to do!

Friday, May 25

Generate More Sales Even With New CRM Software

Looking back in my working years, my last job was with the department incharge of the company's systems and software. I was part of the team that implemented the ERP and before I left they were already working on the CRM (Customers Relations Management) software.

I was not there anymore to test the efficiency and credibility of the crm software nor witness the antagonistic attitude of the users in adopting and accepting the new business change - always ever present in any organization when change is introduced as people is sometimes too reluctant to go out of their comfort zone. But, I take side to the users of the system because I happen to be one at some point. Learning and working on the new features of the system and at the same time doing your usual job function creates disruptions to your work routine - sometimes viewed as unproductivity.

But with the crm software package, Aimpromote, all these implementation barriers were eliminated as you can only implement the crm features that benefit your organization. With this, you can streamline the sales process and improve follow-up with the sales force automation and sales management features that are built into AIMpromote. You are letting AIMpromote works for you while your sales team concentrates on generating revenue for the company rather than learning the crm software.

The Versatile Raspberry

When you're pregnant you try, as much as possible, to eat nutritious food plus taking all the supplements that you discover from your research, suggested by friends and family and your doctor's advice. And those information feeding goes on and on as you get bigger, rounder and heavier. Sometimes, you wonder what's really good for you!

In my early stage of pregnancy there was these days that I took almost 10 pills a day. I don't have phobia with medications nor the kind that can't take capsules or humongous tablets but the thought that I only have little, if not vague ideas on how these pills affect my system scared me. Those pills were not just prescribed by one person so there was this possibility that my body will react adversely when the medications took effect altogether. Goodness, they didn't and I came out of that phase unscathed. Now, I am only taking this pill twice a day and probably until I wean our baby. It is for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

And when I thought, I am in a limited-medication-intake-phase, in last night's antenatal class, the midwife mentioned the help of taking raspberry tea leaf in slow labor as it enables uterine contraction. I gather that it is of great help especially if the baby is overdue. The downside is you'll just have more braxton hicks while you're taking the tea or capsule.

I only heard of raspberry juice in detox diet so I did my own research and found out more useful and encouraging information about the raspberry tea.

The help of raspberry leaf tea goes way back thousand of years ago in the western countries. It was taken by women to support healthy menstruation, tone and strengthen the uterus and prepare the womb for childbirth. The tonic and relaxing action of the leaves reduces the pain of uterine contractions and makes them more effective and productive, thereby easing and shortening the duration of childbirth. These are only some of the benefits during pregnancy not to mention the aid it brings to breastfeeding mothers. It promotes plentiful supply of breastmilk.

Learning all that, I am now thinking and weighing things if I will have raspberry leaf tea/capsule or not. Nuninuninu!

Thursday, May 24

See the Bug!

I consider myself faint-hearted as there are things that I can't stand to watch or see but... there is a big BUT! I am a sucker for thriller programs or movies. I am always in for shows that fuel my mind to think, what will comes next?.. how did that happen? Trailers and posters are all very good media that trigger your mind to wonder to the "something" impossible yet you know happens in movies.

And the bug movie posters did exactly that to me! When you hear bugs, what have you got in mind? Something crawling. How about if it is associated with human? Bugs crawling inside the human body, bugs coming out of any cavity of a human. There are more that I can enumerate, but my point is, you think of thousands of possibilities or scenarios that make you cringe and yet, you have this inkling feeling and you can't wait to see what really happens and how did it happens! *Thoughts floating in your mind, "I need to see that movie, I need to see that movie".*

How about hearing this creepy tag "First they send in their drone, then they find their queen"? Makes you think, the queen in the bug movie is Ashley Judd! Now, I don't want to make speculations or spoil your excitement!

I can't wait to see the movie myself and feel the adrenalin rush as the thrilling scenes unfold. I might be covering my eyes with my hand and yet make a crack in my fingers and peak!

But while waiting for the movie, why don't you watch this thriller! It'll really thrill you, I tell you that!

A Physical Game and Victory

Maroons (Queensland) got the 1st NRL State of the Origin last night against Blues (New South Wales). It is the best of three series and if Maroon will win again next week, it'll be over. I don't really want it to be over too soon as I like watching the physical game but Maroon bagging up the title again this year would be a different story.

Maroon's first TRY
In last night's game, Maroon got the first try and converted (scored 6) it then the Blues made a series of 3 tries converting the two plus a kick for the penalty (scored 18) in the first half. During this time, I dont want to watch the game anymore as I am disheartened by the Maroon's performance. I suggested to MCJ to play games in the tube while listening to the game. Btw, we got this cool telly gadget that enables us to play while watching TV programs but that's a different story. But when the commentator said that, in history Maroons had been losing in the first half and yet bring home the bacon 10 times and the Blues only 5, I glued back my eyes to the box. :D And indeed, they did it for the 11 times! Maroons made another 3 tries, converted them and 1 field goals.. giving them a total score of 25.

NRL is really not a good game to watch for faint hearted and those who abhor physical contact. Bleeding nose, broken lips or brows, turn ankles, scratches and what-have-yous are common sights in this game. It is a kind of football that kicking is only done after a try for conversion, making field goals or after the 5th tackle. A very physical game where players don't wear pads and the only compulsory protection is for the mouth, though some wear head protection. Tackling a person holding the ball can be made by more than 1 player of the opponent by pinning him down, dragging him back to the team area, dragging him to the sideline or any physical contact to attempt to steal the ball. It is funny sometime though that players dive to the try line... as in literally dive and I think, sometimes hurting themselves. I wonder, what it is for. Maybe for a show... it makes a try dramatic.

You ask why do I like to watch this game? Because the rules are easy to understand... before coming in the land down under, this game is very alien to me. There are 4 kinds of football games played here and for a "becoming sports fanatic", they are sometimes confusing... can't avoid to interchange the rules. Familiarizing myself with the umpires' call and actually understanding the actions of the players are a pain but I am getting there!

Wednesday, May 23

Do You Benefit From Your CC?

I know there are increasing advisories to people not to spend through credit cards as much as possible or pay their credit card bills and simply stop using them lest the bills will be mounting up before they notice them. I do take heed to this especially if you're a big spender, shopaholic or an impulse buyer.

In my opinion, owning credit cards and not be buried in debt is all about discipline and choosing a credit card that suits your needs.

MCJ (my Husband) and I own several credit cards and so far, they have not put us into trouble yet - not that we anticipate one. We owe that to MCJ's spending and paying habit as well as the type of credit cards that we have. As a matter of fact, we have benefited from them especially from the rewards system. It flew me Manila-Australia return once and soon-to-be twice. Isn't that cool?

If you're wanting to have a credit card, don't just jump-in to the first offer that comes to you, have the one that your friends/family got or grab the hottest one. Do your research and compare credit cards as each has its own unique features.

On the other hand, if you have an existing credit card, don't just be too placid and stay loyal to the same company or type of card. There are cards of the same company that have lower interest rate than what you're paying or have better reward system than what you've got. It pays to compare credit cards as there are always hidden surprises that may help or shock you.

MCJ just recently switched to low interest card with long interest-free period and gave up the rewards for the high interest card as the rewards are just fairly ordinary. See, he found out all that because he compared credit cards.

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Tuesday, May 22

Typical Aussie Friday Night

A typical Aussie Friday night is no cooking, gobbling pizza with beer for dinner while watching footy!

I had a little dose of a typical Aussie Friday night. Having pizza for dinner while watching movies. I cooked though but had to keep the meal for the next day and instead order pizza for MCJ and the guy fixing the computers. Oh, I didn't drink any beer also. I don't particularly like beer even if I was not preggy.

And yes, I watched two movies just to be around MCJ.

I don't mind sounding un-cool and admit that I am a Juday fanatic. Back then, I always see to it that I don't miss to see any of her movie.

When Don't Give Up On Us was shown in the cinema, I was here but I secure a copy of the movie when I got back to Manila. I've watched it twice there and I did again last Friday and yet, it didn't fail to entertain me to the max and lighten up my mood. I still giggle and feel mushy like it was the first that I've seen the movie.

I particularly like this movie, as I think this is the first where Juday's role was the mature, sophisticated and practical career woman not the damsel-in-distress role that most if not all of her movies were themed.

And I love the twist at the end... made me cry though!

Btw, I had to watch this movie using the headset as MCJ and C (computer geek) can overhear the dialogue and I don't want to rattle them. :D

I bought some old movies before that I reckon worth watching over and over again. And the Story of Us was one. But after seeing the movie, I proved myself wrong. It isn't worth seeing more than once.


Because, the story slipped down pass my expectations. After reading the synopsis saying "they worked on their failing marriage on the latter part" and the acclaim that it was "the most romantic movie of the year", I put all my heart's desire into it. And I just end up disappointed.

I was really looking forward to the moving, heart-wrenching scenes where they would laborously patch up their marriage rather than Katie's realization on the last part opting for the chinese resto instead of their house where they would break the news of their separation to their kids. And pfffftttttt! The end! Fairy tale of sort!

Romantic? There were only few romantic scenes and they were flashbacks.

My only consolation was I like Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfieffer.

New Phone To Spice Up My Life

With the pace of the introduction of new mobile phones in this age, I consider mine to be ancient. I got it more than three years ago. Not just ancient, it might already belongs to the jurassic genre.

Now, it makes me wish I could win this beautiful and classic baby. The Motorola Unlocked Razr V3 Miami Ink Dragon mobile phone. These slim ultra cool wireless phones sport beautiful, haunting designs penned exclusively by Ami James, the master tattoo artist who stars on the hit reality television series Miami Ink.

This phone will come in very handy to me who lives oceans apart from my parents and siblings as it is capable of Quad Band and Global Roaming with the World Class feature activated. I can call my family back in the Philippines including other 130 countries with no separate monthly charges or activation fees. How cool is that?

Aside from this state-of-the-art mobile phone, a one year service plan comes with it. It's like talking non-stop for a year!

Do you wish to own this mobile phone like the way I rave for it? Just head on to the bid4prizes website and make a lowest bid for the item. Pretty easy!

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Monday, May 21

How's Bub and Mum?

Today, I am 31 weeks old and these are my Mum and my where abouts!

Your baby is about 19 inches in length and weighs about 4 1/3 pounds. Your baby may respond to loud noises, and is able to recognize familiar sounds such as your voice. He or she may also respond to your touch as you massage your tummy. Your growing baby is now quite adept at inhaling amniotic fluid. This practice breathing is all in preparation for his or her birth, which is only a matter of weeks away. Your baby is now storing iron in his or her liver, which will last until a few months after birth.

The top of your uterus is over 5 inches above your belly button. You may be getting more anxious about labor and delivery (especially if this is your first baby) and in addition, you may be moodier and more irritable.

You may also be wondering if it’s still alright to travel now, especially if it’s summertime. If you are planning to travel, you may want to talk to your doctor or midwife beforehand. Flying is probably still alright, but if you can avoid it, then you should. Many doctors recommend that women avoid flying after 36 weeks of pregnancy, or if they are at risk of preterm delivery. The safest time to travel is during the second trimester. Also, many airlines won’t even allow women in their last trimester to fly without a letter from their doctor. If you travel by car, it’s best to stop every hour or two to get up and walk around.


So, this is how preggy women feel when they're nearing full term? I am getting bigger and heavier by the day and moving around in the usual pace is becoming difficult. Heart burn is not alien sometimes especially at night. My MIL reckons, I would not go full term as my belly bulge is now ill-fitted for my build. :D

I am cutting down on my carbo intakes these days especially sweets as I don't like to entertain the idea of having a C section. I am still psyche up to bring our baby in this world normally.

But so far, so good! Bub and I are faring well.

Dream Holiday is Just a Click Away

Looking forward to your dream holiday but not really excited on the planning and bookings? Planning your dream holiday can be tedious and cumbersome if you've got a strict itinerary outlined ahead of you. There's this job of booking your flights in the airline company, calling the car rentals, making an accommodation reservations, etc. These are just few of the important details that you need not miss and the very important enticing factor is to be booked and to stay in cheap hotels.

But worry no more! Thanks to Hotel Reservations! With them you have a one-stop-shop for your holiday needs from accommodations - bed and breakfasts, hotels, motels, condo, resorts, vacation rentals to flights, cars, vacation packages, and cruises. Plus the guarantee that they can book you to cheap hotels. Don't skip to visit the Hotel Reservations website as they offer a special internet rates. If you happen to find the lowest rate, Hotel Reservations will match it or you can cancel your reservation and not being bound to pay a cancellation fee. How cool is that?
Hotel Reservations is just a dial away or all you just need are a computer and an internet connection and the reservation agents are eagerly waiting to serve and meet your dream holiday needs 24/7.

And what’s cool in the website is you can choose the language which you are comfortable to like Spanish, French, German, Italian and the global language, English. Another is they have a destination city guides. You need not look for another website to plan your itinerary.

Hotel Reservations is not only limited to individual or family bookings but the company’s Group Department can help you get a reservation for up to 9 rooms if you’re planning for a reunion, business event or sports team travel.

These are just some of the countless unique and amazing facets of Hotel Reservations that will lure you to book your dream or next holiday with them.

Hurry now and book as Hotel Reservations gives up to $100 rebates for 12 nights booking. This offer valid for stays booked by 30/06/2007 for travel through 31/08/2007.

Payment is made flexible as Hotel Reservations accepts master card, visa and American Express cards.

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Sunday, May 20

Clucking News

While tinkering on the net, I received a very delightful news. A friend from Manila sent me an sms... a BIG message.

Two of my lady friends are on the way. It really was a BIG FAT BELLY news.

The three of us might give birth in the same year. Yay!

It's baby-making year for us. *big grin*

Unwind, Relax and Play

MCJ (My Husband) and I used to play online casino in our spare time in the confines and comforts of our home with just play money. Why with play money only? Because we were just learning the ins and outs of online gambling and we haven't found the gambling website that offers attractive promotions and reliability of service.

Not until I visited River Belle website. The homepage itself is attraction enough to lure players to make a head start. Plus, River Belle has 24/7 live phone and email support. Reliability of service is the top most priority of players; making sure that they're betting their money to the safe gambling site and help is never far away incase of technical trouble.

The River Belle allows the flexibility to play in three major currencies; Dollars, Euro and Pounds, so where ever you maybe, the online casino is accessible to you.

Seems, our criteria for online casino has been met by River Belle, and with the 200 free casino games, we might try to play Poker sometime. It has been my favorite and I reckon, Lady Luck has always been on my side.

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The Wilds and The Killer

One of the favorite wild birds that we are feeding in our back yard had been missing.

The bandicoot that has been feeding the birds left-over in the backyard is not visiting us at night.

I can smell dead rat in the garden.

And yes, it was not only dead mouse but a dead sugar glider as well that I found in the garden yesterday while watering the plants.

And the culprit was? None other than our first baby! Lucky!

Our Lucky is not an in-house cat because for one, I don't like pets littering around the house and two, he has enough space to run around and play (by himself) outside. I know he had been picking on the wilds hence, we are now buying him chicken necks instead of mince meat so he can sharpen his paw on his food rather than on the becoming extinct wilds. That's the best that we can do to help preserve nature because Lucky doesn't want to stay inside the house unless there's storm or is simply raining and he needs warm bed. And living close to the bush and with the massive jungle of the next door neighbor, our place have been a habitat for these wilds. Just name it, koalas, different species of wild birds, bandicoots, sugar gliders, possums, snakes... except kangaroo maybe (I haven't spotted one in our backyard yet).

And speaking of snakes... there was a carpet snake (python) in the seedlings house this morning. A fairly long snake, I would say. And MCJ (Hubs) just left it there coiling. It's not poisonous though, so no worries except that it'll give you a fright if you happen to spot it surprisingly somewhere.

I really admire Aussies for their love of nature and the wilds that they don't have the first instinct of killing snakes once they see them unlike what I know of in our province in the Philippines. Well, most Aussies know what are those poisonous ones so they're selective in killing them.

And being a Pinay, I am getting used to seeing snakes... not that they don't give me a fright. I just don't come near them and my ears are very particular of the hissing sound when I'm walking in the garden.

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Friday, May 18

Something for Every Occasion

Now, more than ever, it's become easy to send flowers online. I mean, why spend your time searching through a shop that may or may not have what you want when you can just point, click, and have a bouquet delivered to whomever you want. What's even better is that with Vogue Flowers, you get fresh flower delivery every time. I know that whomever you send flowers to will appreciate that. I know I would. Go ahead and see why people are clicking to send flowers instead of shopping at the store.

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Thursday, May 17

My Choc-aholic!

Hubs: Let me smell your breath.
Me: Why?
Hubs: It might smell rocky road.


Did I tell you, Hubs is a chronic choc-aholic? He thought, I nicked some of his rocky road cookie bar because I warned him this morning that I'll have some when he's not around. :P Of course, I was just kidding and wanted to annoy him.

He'll give up the last bite of any of his food for me except chocolate. Good thing is, I am not really into sweets. So there's no raging chaos in our household. :D

Keeping Cool

Call me what you want, but I am the kind of person who thinks that a fan works like an aircon in keeping the room cool.

But, that changed.

I saw this short program on telly called Weird Science and there, I learned that the fan doesn't work like aircon at all.

An active body generates heat and in turn excretes that heat in the form of sweat. That heat takes the top most layer of our skin. The wind from the fan blows the heat from our body and creates wind chill hence, we feel cool but it doesn't alter the temperature of the room. Yes, when our body is so hot, we don't feel cool though there's a fan running in the room unless the wind blown by it touches our skin. Hummm, I really didn't wonder or notice this before. :D

I usually switch the fan on half an hour before I consider staying in the room or I just left it on when I know that I will be back in the same room in a few minutes, thinking that it will abate the hot temp of the room. How wrong was I!

Now I know!


These days, though how cool the temp at night.. I find my feet out of the sheets. I like the feeling of coolness that touches my skin. Mind you, I have the sheets wrap around my body up to my neck.

I was like this back home (Philippines) during summer. It's understandable, it's freaking hot and humid. Well, yeah, I forgot I am preggy now. :P Everything is turned 360 degrees.

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Monday, May 14

Bubba and Bun Update

When I had my check-up last Month, I was a bit shaken when the midwife noticed in my scan narratives that my placenta was in a posterior position. We were then advised to book another scan and series of pathology tests. That same day, I surfed the net extensively about placental position and read every bits and pieces. I think, I have read almost everything there is in the net that I was pacified at the end of the day because, my physical state didn't actually fall on the category of women with placenta previa. But still, I informed Nanay back in the Philippines what we just found out and it got into their nerves. She asked/consulted every person that she knew would give her opinion or experience on the matter.

Almost everyone in the family who knew my state were really looking forward to the scan. And it was such a breather especially for Hubs and I that towards the end of the scan session with the sonographer, he told us that my placenta is a bit low lying - on my left side - but is 8cm away from my cervix. It is really in a posterior position but far from being placenta previa.

On the side note, though the sonographer is a male, I didn't find him offensive or awkward. He was so gentle and explains every details of what we can see in the monitor. He gave me warning of what I would feel if he's going to shift the transducer from one area to the next. I was advised prior to the scan to drink 2 glasses of water and not visit the loo. I should have a full bladder during the examination and what an uncomfort it was when the transducer was placed on top of your full bladder. I had to use the loo for the staff right after the scan as I cant hold it up to the public comfort room.

The scan was very thorough. Bubba's heartbeat was counted and it was normal and we were really amazed by our little angel because when the transducer was shifted back to his lungs, his heartbeat increased; a good sign said the sonographer. All the major blood vessels; in the brain, heart, lungs, stomach, etc; supply normal amount of blood to the vital organs. Baby's internal organs are in place and he's now in his birthing position but I reckon, he shifts and roll-over every now and then. :D And what a delight when we saw his face. Sorry friends but I can't share his photo as our scanner doesn't work now that it is needed and I cant send photos from our mobile phone camera. And yes, we haven't bought a new digicam yet - still waiting for the big sale :P.

And yes, I was relieved that I don't have a UTI. There were just some skin cells in my urine that the medtech may have mistaken them to be puss cells. My last test in the Philippines said, I had one.. I had to take medications for 7 days. It was acceptable for me to have one when I was in my 8 weeks because true enough, I was not drinking the very needed fluid - a severe case of pregnancy sickness; throwing up when I take any.

I have yet to see the result of my other pathology tests or we will hear from them if there's bad news. So far, its been no news. Here, you don't need to fast for the Glucose Challenge Test nor you have to take glucose liquid every hour for three hours. You just have to walk-in whenever you like and they would give you a glucose carbonated drink and they'll get blood samples after an hour.

On another story, we attended our first antenal class. It was fun and informative but I should say that I have read almost all of what were discussed in the magazines and internet. I find the sharing of all preggies to be the most interesting of all. We were asked to share what are the good and bad things of being pregnant and well, the good things aren't new to me. Some bad things like snoring, teeth grinding, water retention, are alien and I hope, I won't have them at all.

Three more antenatal classes more to go and another doctor's appointment before this month ends. And more pushing, stretching, rolling over, kicking, hiccups and punching from Bub.

Sunday, May 13

Best Gift for Mother's Day

Mother's are the unsung hero of the modern genre. They've offered their lives for their children from birth until their last breath. We should thank and appreciate them always but we're also given the chance to put them in a pedestal even just for a day.

As children, the best way that we can show our appreciation and love for our mother on this very special day is to give a lasting gift. And what better thing would it be other than diamond rings? Just like how little children see their mother, sparkling, enduring and special. Those gentle and loving hands deserve to be adorned of diamond rings, to remind them that those hands had reared and brought up unique creations in this world.

If you haven't got something for your Mom yet, consider buying diamond rings. It's an investment worth more than all the wealth in the world.

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Saturday, May 12

Happy Mother's Day


The bravest battle that ever was fought!
Shall I tell you where and when?
On the maps of the world you will find it not;
'Twas fought by the mothers of men.
Nay not with the cannon of battle-shot,
With a sword or noble pen;
Nay, not with eloquent words or thought
From mouth of wonderful men!
But deep in a walled-up woman's heart --
Of a woman that would not yield,
But bravely, silently bore her part --
Lo, there is the battlefield!
No marshalling troops, no bivouac song,
No banner to gleam and wave;
But oh! those battles, they last so long --
From babyhood to the grave.
Yet, faithful still as a bridge of stars,
She fights in her walled-up town --
Fights on and on in her endless wars
Then silent, unseen, goes down.
Oh, ye with banners and battle-shot,
And soldiers to shout and paise!
I tell you the kingliest victories fought
Were fought in those silent ways.
O spotless woman in a world of shame,
With splendid and silent scorn,
Go back to God as white as you came --
The Kingliest warrior born!

by Joaquin Miller

Wednesday, May 9

Random Facts Tag

Been tagged by Mich.

Instruction: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog! (I think, I'm going to break this rule.)

  1. I read pocketbooks by author.
  2. I am a shoe person.
  3. Love nuts, strawberry, pineapple, banana, mango, spaghetti, buko and recently KFC chicken.
  4. I am not into fashion.
  5. I have a short attention span but I can multi-task.
  6. Like to watch shows executively produced by Jerry Bruckheimer; CSI, CSI NY, CSI Miami, Cold Case, etc.
  7. Before getting married, my mother was my top bestfriend/confidante - as in the real meaning of the word.

I'm tagging anyone who's interested. :D

Sunday, May 6

Tot toot!

What's wrong with me?

I really thought, today is Mother's Day here and in the Philippines. I know that it is on the 2nd Sunday of May and reckon that it is today. Hummm, with all the dates to be remembered for the medical appointments, I still forgot the date. Am I getting old this early? ;D

Yesterday, Hubs and I picked up a card for my MIL - liked it so much, a really fancy one with three-page-messages. While scouring, I felt like we were on a last minute panic buying. I even pressured Hubs to think for our personal message while watching Superman 2 last night and nag him about it right after we woke up. Anyway, Hubs reckoned the message is more than enough to express what he wants to say so we just leave it as it is.

I just found out that we were a week early for it when we handed over the card to MIL and she telling us that it's too early for us to celebrate. Better advance than never, right? :D

For three days now, I've been reminding myself to make a call today to my family in the Philippines for the occasion. During breaky, I tried to ring them but luckily I can't get through but still sent an sms greetings and let them know that I'm going to ring later. I also sent sms's to my friends and planned to send email to my former co-workers. Oh well, I'll leave it at that and let them think that our Mother's Day here is today. Hihihi.

Hubs said, we'll I trusted you and left everything for your care. :D And I did! :P

Well, it's the thought that counts, isn't it?

Tuesday, May 1

Whoa! May na!

Days were passing by so swiftly. January was seem like yesterday and now, it's already May!

The nights are getting colder in our part of the world. I now don my pj's these days and have three layers of manchesters on the bed - sheet, doonah and blanket. But our heater is still having it's vacation. I reckon, it would be hot when we have it on while the weather is prematurely cool.

Have nothing much to do in May. Just my last ultrasound scan, some pathology tests and an appointment to the hospital resident doctor, which will all be made next week. But we are soo looking forward to the result of my upcoming scan to know if my placenta has migrated as it was on a posterior position in the previous. (the reason why I don't post much about my fat belly) *crossing my fingers, not anymore* I am very positive (and faithful as well) that it is now in a not critical position as I don't feel the usual pains or uncomforts of women with placenta previa. And, I've also booked us for an antenatal class (birth education) for four Thursdays starting next week. It will be an evening session for two hours. Have yet to see if I need to book for a breast-feeding class which is normally attended four weeks before the Big Day.

Hope all is well with yah!

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful and productive month!