Tuesday, May 1

Whoa! May na!

Days were passing by so swiftly. January was seem like yesterday and now, it's already May!

The nights are getting colder in our part of the world. I now don my pj's these days and have three layers of manchesters on the bed - sheet, doonah and blanket. But our heater is still having it's vacation. I reckon, it would be hot when we have it on while the weather is prematurely cool.

Have nothing much to do in May. Just my last ultrasound scan, some pathology tests and an appointment to the hospital resident doctor, which will all be made next week. But we are soo looking forward to the result of my upcoming scan to know if my placenta has migrated as it was on a posterior position in the previous. (the reason why I don't post much about my fat belly) *crossing my fingers, not anymore* I am very positive (and faithful as well) that it is now in a not critical position as I don't feel the usual pains or uncomforts of women with placenta previa. And, I've also booked us for an antenatal class (birth education) for four Thursdays starting next week. It will be an evening session for two hours. Have yet to see if I need to book for a breast-feeding class which is normally attended four weeks before the Big Day.

Hope all is well with yah!

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful and productive month!


Mich said...

Time really flies so fast!! I couldn't believe May na nga! Anyway, God bless on your ultrasound next week. Looks like this is gonna be a busy month for you. Keep us posted ha about your little one! I'm sure everything's ok now. :)

Princess of CJ said...

hi mich! thanks!

im grateful nga for all these activities. they'll keep me occupied. :D

will give updates!

gracita said...

i agree! time does fly fast! soooobra!

i hope the ultrasound turns ok. thanks pala for reminding me to have a productive month, haven't had that in a while, hehehe

Princess of CJ said...

hi gracita! why, you're welcome. ;D hindi ba productive eh dami mong milestones?

how's your sbd pala?

ladycess said...

kumusta ang buntis? im sure things will turn out fine, basta rest ka lang muna ha?

buti pa dyan,dito ang init init pa rin!

febeth said...

Ingat kalagi. You must make some sacrifices to ensure that your baby is safe.

Wish you the best

Princess of CJ said...

hi cess, thanks. im starting to feel the uncomforts in moving when im in bed like backpains. maybe coz, im always lying on my sides. :D may na, malapit na tag-ulan jan.

hi febeth, thanks for the visit. yes, daming sacrifices but so far, not soooo much pa naman. ;D