Sunday, May 6

Tot toot!

What's wrong with me?

I really thought, today is Mother's Day here and in the Philippines. I know that it is on the 2nd Sunday of May and reckon that it is today. Hummm, with all the dates to be remembered for the medical appointments, I still forgot the date. Am I getting old this early? ;D

Yesterday, Hubs and I picked up a card for my MIL - liked it so much, a really fancy one with three-page-messages. While scouring, I felt like we were on a last minute panic buying. I even pressured Hubs to think for our personal message while watching Superman 2 last night and nag him about it right after we woke up. Anyway, Hubs reckoned the message is more than enough to express what he wants to say so we just leave it as it is.

I just found out that we were a week early for it when we handed over the card to MIL and she telling us that it's too early for us to celebrate. Better advance than never, right? :D

For three days now, I've been reminding myself to make a call today to my family in the Philippines for the occasion. During breaky, I tried to ring them but luckily I can't get through but still sent an sms greetings and let them know that I'm going to ring later. I also sent sms's to my friends and planned to send email to my former co-workers. Oh well, I'll leave it at that and let them think that our Mother's Day here is today. Hihihi.

Hubs said, we'll I trusted you and left everything for your care. :D And I did! :P

Well, it's the thought that counts, isn't it?


ann said...

It happened to me last year, same occasion, mother's day. Actually yung sis ko ang unang nagkamali, she sent me greetings so I thought mother's day na nga that day. Next week pa pala eh napadalhan ko na lahat ng sms mga friends ko...hehehe.

ladycess said...

haha! pero ok lang yan. ako madalas, late pa! babati ako ng happy birthday, tapos sasagot sila ng, thank you noong may 1 pa last week, and im like ha? di ba may 1 ngayon?? ilang beses na to.

Princess of CJ said...

hi ann! hi cess!

ganun talaga siguro if you're mind is pre-occupied of lots of things and then you're not really concern about dates kasi wala ka namang deadline na hahabulin or dates na dapat tandaan. :D

this doesn't happen to me when i was still working kasi lagi kong iniisip ang payday. hahaha!

whenever we remember it, doesnt matter.. as said, it's the thought that counts. hahaha!

mitsuru said...

it's the thought that counts...

very well said.

Princess of CJ said...

hi mitz! indeed!

Mich said...

hehe. That's ok, better advance than late! :D btw, tagged you. Please check out my blog. ;)

Princess of CJ said...

I've done my assignment na Mich. :D but broke the rule.