Friday, May 18

Something for Every Occasion

Now, more than ever, it's become easy to send flowers online. I mean, why spend your time searching through a shop that may or may not have what you want when you can just point, click, and have a bouquet delivered to whomever you want. What's even better is that with Vogue Flowers, you get fresh flower delivery every time. I know that whomever you send flowers to will appreciate that. I know I would. Go ahead and see why people are clicking to send flowers instead of shopping at the store.

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dangkin said...

grabeh girly, dami mo ng post at ngayon lang ako naligaw ulit!

so, how's your monkey...este... money-making-business? nakadami ka na ba? pautang nga! :) :P

glad you're busy with something.. keep that brain working! :)

ann said...

Ok nga yan kahit nasaan ka pang lugar pwede kang magsend ng flowers, ready mo lang yung card mo...hehehe.

Princess of CJ said...

hi girl! yup, been busy lately. :D i do have my day off for two days though when chris was fixing the computer. now, im back and happy!

hi ann! yup... plastic money can take you anywhere talaga!

have a fun weekend, ladies!

Mich said...

wow, mukhang madami ng racket ah! at ang sipag mo mag-post! Ako nakaka-ilan pa lang hihihi! Musta na ang buntis? :)

Princess of CJ said...

hi mich! im getting heavier and bigger each day! thanks!

supportive kasi si hubby sa pro blogging venture ko kaya ok lng na magbabad sa computer buong araw. hehehe!