Thursday, May 17

Keeping Cool

Call me what you want, but I am the kind of person who thinks that a fan works like an aircon in keeping the room cool.

But, that changed.

I saw this short program on telly called Weird Science and there, I learned that the fan doesn't work like aircon at all.

An active body generates heat and in turn excretes that heat in the form of sweat. That heat takes the top most layer of our skin. The wind from the fan blows the heat from our body and creates wind chill hence, we feel cool but it doesn't alter the temperature of the room. Yes, when our body is so hot, we don't feel cool though there's a fan running in the room unless the wind blown by it touches our skin. Hummm, I really didn't wonder or notice this before. :D

I usually switch the fan on half an hour before I consider staying in the room or I just left it on when I know that I will be back in the same room in a few minutes, thinking that it will abate the hot temp of the room. How wrong was I!

Now I know!


These days, though how cool the temp at night.. I find my feet out of the sheets. I like the feeling of coolness that touches my skin. Mind you, I have the sheets wrap around my body up to my neck.

I was like this back home (Philippines) during summer. It's understandable, it's freaking hot and humid. Well, yeah, I forgot I am preggy now. :P Everything is turned 360 degrees.