Monday, December 31

Bring on 2013

2012 passed like a blur. It was so quick. We were having fun and before we know it, it's now the last day of the year. The previous year has been full of ups and downs. They are all blessings despite some of them making us sad. It's all perspective. Hopefully, 2013 will be as exciting and full of blessings and happiness. May our perspective on things have improved more and things will always shine brighter regardless. As we contemplate the past and the future (some of us on premium american made church chairs), may we spare thoughts and prayers to those who will not welcome 2013 in one way or another. May God bless us all!

Sunday, November 18

Christmas Wreath

I have always want to put up a wreath on the front door (despite it not the front of the house). I looked up the net for some inspiration on how to make one on my own. There are plenty, of course. I also tried the shop but I reckon it's not worth paying $30 for a front door wreath although it can be used over and over again - that despite being the bargain shop. So after putting up the tree, I have heaps of decos left and thought of making a wreath from scratch.
I am quite proud of it as I have to make do with some scrap wire to make the frame. It's not what I desired but the outcome I reckon is not bad. Oh, I am just so ecstatic as I always believe that I don't have any artistic bone in my body (much less, if that is possible, in the music department to be be searching for marvelous ace frehley budokan custom at Musicians friend).

This Weekend

... has been alloted to making and putting up Christmas decorations. It's fun. And I am nowhere near finish yet. So far, the tree is up which was my only goal but it turned out just to be the inspiration. I would like to think, I am on a roll on this.
Would love to do some garden stuff but it's been raining since last night and I am not keen on gettng my garden gloves all muddy and wet so I might hedge on that for next week. I am quite smug with what we have achieved so far this week and there are more stuff to do and have fun with (and mybe throw in looking for find the best flame resistant jacket?).

Sunday, October 7

Book Lover

Two weekends ago, the Tatapilla and I found our way to a book fest in our area. It was massive - in an indoor basketball court. The place was packed with books and people of all ages. We saw the Tatapilla's friend there. And although I love going to the library, I also want to own some books that I can't get there. I am building up my collection. I have owned a few ebooks but I still cherish reading actual books. Plus, I am not inclined to spend a lot on books (like other people on padron cigars online). It's all in moderation.

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Bathurst 1000

Every year, one day is allocated to just sitting on the couch and vege-out. For me that is and for those who likes racing. Imagine watching the cars zooming on the telly for seven hours? I told Mcj, it's better to watch it on telly than going to Mt Panorama but he said, the atmosphere alone is reason enough to go there. It's in our bucket list along with wearing Snowboard Pants for a snow filled winter somewhere. Just like everyone else, we've been preparing for this weekend. Lots of munchies and drinks. And most of all, no chores.

Monday, September 10

Music Inclined

Just before getting ready to bed, we went to youtube to practice the Australian National Anthem. We listed to one full song and I saw the 2000 27th Olympic games in Sydney. Of course, we'll just have to see it. The opening part especially the singing of Advance Australia Fair by Julie Anthony was just spectacular. You'd think they were using the best vocal mic then. He said, how I wish I have the same voice. Awww! We didn't have all night to watch so we ended in this section.

Saturday, August 18


... of the week. As always we are very busy. There are so many things to be done, things that we want to do but there is not enough time during the day and night. Still life is good not to be enjoyed and cherished. I have been devouring new books like hot potatoes when I am not occupied of something else. On the work front, it has been a bit quiet. We've gone river bank fishing for the first time and it was exciting. I have not managed to catch anything at all but I must say I did not fish for long. Between Jens and I, Mcj has barely enough time to get a drink let alone bait and cast his line. Did a bit of retail therapy this weekend. My favourite past time, I'd say. It has been good as always. Despite our hectic routine, I can't complain. There are things that might bother us (not as much as discontinued appliance parts) but everything sorts itself out. So yeah, let's all have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, August 3

That Desk

I have been wanting to replace my existing desk for quite sometime now. Been searching high and low for desk that will fit the space and something that will give me enough area to work and a bit of storage as well. To no luck. Then I found this. Yes, not plenty of storage area but will do the space where I want it. Question is, will it stand perfectly on carpet floor. I have furniture that has to be relegated outside as it can't stand stably on the carpet. I guess, I'll just have to visit the shop and run it through rfid to know, right?


at home on Friday night. I'm not complaining. I am at home and warm and full. Not pressing for time to finish in a flash either. Backing up the data takes some time as it's quite big so blog away on incredibrace while waiting for it to finish. Then a series of checks and test and viola. Telly on the background with the London 2012 going. The Tatapilla playing with my phone just behind me. Mcj trying to breath and stay alive :) - he's got cold and flu. TGIF.

Saturday, July 7

New Baby

Our friend welcomed a new baby to the family - a girl. Their second child. We visited her once and she seemed be one contented baby as she slept despite the raucus of two toddlers running around chasing each other. We have not been to the baby shower at bestbabyshower, if they ever had one. We were so happy for them, their family is growing and my little boy just loves their 1st born - he considers him his brother.

7 Years in a Row

On my way home from the customer's site which by the way was very late, people were buzzing around the city and area around Suncorp Stadium, where the last origin game will be. I was excited about it but was quite disappointed because the I was not anywhere a telly. It would be late till I got home. Thankfully, it was just halftime when I set foot in our lounge. Queensland team, me being one, was ahead 6 points. After the half-time it was level to 20 and one of the Maroons did a field goal. It was historic. The stadium was all marooned, literally. Loads of logo golf balls won't find its way with the massive crowd. I'd say, I am a very proud fan.

Tummy Bug

The night I got back from being away for two nights, the little boy was ill. I was told he ate mix of food that didn't blend well together in his tummy. He's been sick 3 times before 12MN. I was worried of course but he weathered it like a trooper he is. Not too much whining. Another bout of sickness came around 3AM and I was not comfortable to leave him that day so I took a carer's leave, which my boss find didn't any problem despite the fact that one of our customers is going live (which people at work who are involved got a bronze bar so to speak). Thankfully, that day went really well. He was just perky as can be. Apparently, after talking to the staff at kindy a tummy bug is going around. Some of the kids at school were also sick. And an officemate of mine was also sick that week with the same cause. Thankfully, it didn't get any other of us at home.

Business Trip

I have been away from home for 2 nights in a row this week starting Monday. Our customer went live in their opening using our system. My two other colleagues went there to facilitate and assist. It was my first to be directly involved in the Go Live and yet despite my experience with just being a support at work while others are onsite, it was a pretty relax implementation. I reckon, it is attributed to the company really being ready for it plus the relationship that has been maintained all throughout. They went live on Thursday. I can say all the good things but then it will not be realistic then, is it. But I can only say something not so nice about the weather. Some mornings it was below zero but the use of ray ban 2132 during the day is still appropriate and for a tropical-blooded through and through it was a shock to my system. I had to use blankets and throw pillows as draught stopper. I survived.

Sunday, June 10

Android Phone

My first smart phone is an Iphone and although I am not an apple products fan, I am quite happy with my phone. I didn't have to read the manual in details, I just checked how to operate it and everything went from there. Just this week, Mcj an android OS phone. It's quite good but oh how I don't like it. Those important settings and menu are not very explicit. I have a hard time deleting a contact - how weird is that? Oh well, it's just me I know. There are many who likes android OS tablets and phones - just like there are people who prefers different brand of stereo stand and stereo itself. Good thing, the phone is not mine. :)

Sunday, June 3

Shopping List

How many of you use a shopping list when doing food shopping? How many of you religiously checking your shopping list when at the shops? There are many reasons that one should use a shopping list - savings, efficiency and most importantly for me, not forgetting anything. At one point, I have listed all the things that we need and use at home and then just tick those items that we need for the week. I have been good for a couple of weeks, then I got side-tracked, which means not printing the list before going to the shops. But deep down, I want to be some of those women who checks everything that gets into their shopping basket up to the last price, checking if they are buying liquid image summit series goggle. I have downloaded several apps to assist me but they are to tedious to update and keep up. So now, I am back to just listing what I can remember. Hopefully soon, I can make time and stick to my plan of using the shopping list.

New Haircut

I can't remember my last visit to a salon - it must have been sometime last year before we went back to the PHL. I know that you have to trim your hair every 6 weeks or so but I really can't spare so much of my weekends to sit and be snipped. Two months ago, Mcj trimmed my hair just to get rid of the un-ruly end. But this week I decided to give my favourite hair expert a visit. The funny thing when I was sitting getting ready to have my hair-cut, the customer next to me commented about my curly-dark hair and it seemed that if she had my hair, she wouldn't be there sitting. Oh well, frankly I liked my hair the way it was (per photo below) but it's winter and I want to put my hair down often - I want something new. Other than that, it'll just be put-up in a ponytail or hiding in riding helmets specifically my bike helmet.

Saturday, May 26

Beauty of Life

Things happen for a reason and even these make us sad, bereft, lonely and down, the thought that there are reasons more worthwhile does not make one feel any better. But the pain ends eventually or more like it is ebbing down. But life goes on. And you move forward with the thought that what happened was for best for everyone. It does not make it less painful. Even dessy bridesmaid dresses provide little fun. Life is beautiful and full of surprises - I am comforted with the thought that we are expected to move forward.
Beautiful Things The most beautiful things in life, Can come out of the strangest places. They aren’t always the most obvious things, That’s why people need to look for them. Beautiful things, Like the compassion in one person’s heart, Or a smile you give a lonely man. Can make the biggest difference in this world. People take these beautiful things for granted, Expecting life to treat them kindly, Without giving any kindness in return. The most beautiful thing for me in this world, Is knowing that people love me, unconditionally. So next time you feel down, Think of all the love we share, And maybe, Life won’t seem that bad anymore. Rachel Brewer

Monday, April 23

Country or Cottage Look

I relish really looking at the home magazines these days. I am so into decorating the house or just putting knick knacks around. When I say something from old mags, I actually tear it up and compile it on my collections. I have always shown Mcj what I like and I was told that whatever I want is not available or it is very expensive. So true. It they are wish list, why choose the cheapos? I like something like this but one thing I am not into is the colour. I want something rich like red or gold. Maybe the Ethan Allen collections have better colours.

Sunday, April 22

On Holidays

I'm writing this post while sitting on the lounge on our resort accommodation. The telly in front of me is on, Town movie running with Mcj lying down watching it. The Tatapilla is on the master bedroom watching his show on another telly. On my right, over looking the veranda is the tide rising, beyond the pines. People are fishing and walking along the coastal walk way. I can hear voices from the pool, 2 level down. We just had our morning tea, croissant and custard tart with coffee and apple juice. We has been walking around, the Tatapilla had a swim/play/scootering around. We've picked up shells for our collections. We're planning to have a swim at the pool and we'll play tennis at 3PM. Work is very far from my mind right now including cpu cart or any technical stuff - though this morning, I have to call the company where I bought this prepaid wireless internet. All is good, happy and relax.

Advanced Mother's Day Present

It was an ordinary day. I got home from work at the usual time and while we were getting ready for dinner, I was told to go to the room - I first saw Mcj carrying a shopping bag while I was on my way out of the room. Then, I was presented of a Canon EOS 550D - advanced mother's day present and a replacement of the camera that was stolen in the car. Although, I have lots of questions, I was ecstatic that I can have a camera that can do a lot of things.
Headline features 18 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor DIGIC 4 processor with ISO 100-6400 (Expansion to 12800) Continuous shooting at 3.7fps Full HD movie recording with manual control and selectable frame rates 7.7cm (3.0”) 3:2 Clear View LCD with 1,040k dots iFCL metering System with 63-zone Dual-layer Metering Sensor Quick Control screen to change shooting settings Exposure compensation +/-5 stops (although viewfinder scale is still +/-2 stops) Select maximum value for Auto ISO External Microphone socket Movie crop function Eye-Fi connected functions compatibility EOS 550D vs EOS 500D Key differences Higher resolution 18MP CMOS with gapless micro lenses ISO 6400 no longer in 'expanded' range (12,800 max remains the same) Redesigned buttons and new movie/live view button Customizable auto ISO ranges Improved 63 zone metering (iFCL) 3:2 format screen with more pixels Improved movie functionality Slightly higher burst shooting rate (though buffer holds fewer shots) HDMI control (CEC) SDHX Compatible from
So yeah, no Visual Sound Guitars to expect this coming mother's day. Though I don't need anything really.

Biking Around

Our family schedule has been a bit lax lately that we have time to spend a lot of time outdoors. One of the most exciting activities is biking around. Living in the burbs where there are bike and foot path makes this really feasible and easy. Plus, there is a park nearby with BMX tracks. We also get to bike around the bike passing through the shops. Infact, if we are just needing a couple of items we can just ride to the shops instead of driving. Let's not forget, we are riding safely - with bell and helmets (I'm not sure if ours are scorpion helmets), but they keep and make us feel safe.

Tuesday, April 3

Holy Week

We are in the time of the year when we commemorate the death and the rising of Christ from the dead. Many of us have different ways on how to remember it - fasting, abstinence, penitence, and so on. I am sure however we do, we all have the same aim and feeling.

Apparently in Oz, we work until Thursday but we get the Monday off. It will just be a quite weekend for us. Church, festival of the sail, the Tatapilla's friend meetup and household chores and anything that we can squeeze in - that will definitely include shopping (with or without promo codes for Personal Creations).

Happy Easter everyone!

Family Movie Night

We just saw this movie last Saturday - the whole family has really enjoyed it. We are all ears and eyes on the tube. We didn't plan to see it but the program on telly didn't provide us a good alternative. I wonder why I waited this long to see it.

As a result, I spent two night searching and reading about the early 20th century English royalty - using up battery of my phone (wonder if mine is odyssey pc680, know nothing about power). I so admire Queen Elizabeth who Hitler described during that era as the most dangerous woman in Europe. A little trivia, right after King George VI died, there were 3 reigning queens.

Friday, March 23

Crawling Back

It's been almost a month since I had my last blogging session. I'm slowing crawling back into the groove. It's not hard to get hooked but I have added to my already many hobbies and interests. I've been into home decorating and craft - mind you, I have not made so many that I can share but I am proud of the few that I did. I have been busy, not making any, but surfing, looking at magazines and just plain admiring them.

I have always thought that we have busy weekends but I realised not really. It just seemed busy because I have factored in our relaxation and those activities took up a lot of our time. I'm due for another time off work soon aside from the coming holidays. There are so many things to look forward to. Hence, busy. Life is good (not unless to those who have to go through ecg, then I wish them luck).

Oh, QLD votes tomorrow. Whoever wins, I certainly hope they'll make QLD a must better place to live - at a lower cost.


Under the Tuscan Sun

Now, this is a feel good movie not because of it being a lovey-dovey romantic kind but just because of the people and the scenery. Makes you wish you'd one live in a place like Tuscany - I know I have been dreaming of a villa or a small cottage overlooking a cliff. I'm not really sure if it's in Tuscany but somewhere with rolling hills and vineyards. It could be anywhere in the world.

I digress. Anyway, what I like in this movie other than what I have already mentioned is the renovation of the house. Sure I didn't see basement tiles but the structure and the foundation, it's homey. Well, my definition of homey is the classic, that's why.

This certainly will stay in my DVD collections.

Sunday, February 26

Movie Marathon

Without planning it, today we did a movie marathon.

Last weekend, Mcj recorded the Iron Man 1 and missed the ending. So I rented the DVD's for both 1 and 2 because then I didn't know which one were we watching. So yes, today we watched both DVD's. The Tatapilla is into movies like this but I am not. Actually, I am more curious if Tony and Pepper will end up together, which they did. A happy ending for me however sparse.

Then, while ironing some clothes I finished the last disc in the 2-disc movies of Sandra Bullock that I bought last week. Premonition. I also hoped for a happy ending, which it was except that her husband died. But as the priest said in the movie, everyday is a miracle - she's pregnant (and maybe will earch some gold bullion in the sale of their house).

Sunday, February 12

Pesky things

Living in this precarious world, there are so many things that we have to put up with. Not by choice but by circumstances. And boy, aren't they all testing your patience.

Yesterday, started as ordinary but with so frustrating middle. I mean, what's the odds of my car being damaged in a crowded car park. And without a note left (from the driver of the other card, that is) to boot. If it is any consolation, there was an anonymous witness who left the plate number of that pesky car. At this point, there's no positive indication that the irresponsible person will be held into account - unless they put a lawn sign saying they did it. In the first place, if that person is a responsible person at all a note should have been left.

Oh well, another expenses for the excess if ever.


Friday, January 27

Not Yet

..fully moved in, anyway. We're still in the process of moving some things outdoor-sy and cleaning the old place. This moving is really a stressful process but intime, we will be finally settled in our new place. Then, there's no moving again unless we get lucky and receive more blessings that will afford us a much bigger place.

As of now, things are crawling their way to their proper place. Really, the process of finding each and every item in the house its proper location where it is accessible, out of the way, appropriate and not hideous is easier said than done. I am thankful that we have a big shed for storage that I can just dump things that are seasonal. But things like ironing boards (yes, we have two or maybe three), is still in its temporary location - outside on the port. I see to it that ironing is done in bulk so I only have to take the paraphernalia once a week or a fortnight.