Saturday, February 26

It's Decided

I know, it's still way far but I'm already excited nonetheless. Yes, we've finally decided our trip back to my homeland and we've booked our flights, this early.

My passport will expire in the middle of this year and Mcj's is already expire and we'll renew soon but this didn't stop us from booking the flights. With our busy schedule (like those holding a full time job - could be production job), things have to be planned way in advance. It takes weeks or months to get things done based on experience. But I also like this way, at least it'll give me time to decide and buy presents when they are on sale not when I am cramming and just buy however much they are. Plus, I can also spend more time researching for our itinerary.

I haven't told my family back home yet. I don't want them to get excited when it's still a long time for us to get there. If I can have my way, I want it to be a surprise. We'll see.

Saturday, February 19

Adventure, Yeah!

You Are Confident

You like to be in the middle of the action, although you don't purposely seek attention.
You are very laid back and enjoy being around other people. You are surprisingly easy going.
Structure and rules bore you. You thrive on action and always want to be moving forward.
You are an adventure seeker, but you're also realistic. You want an adventure to improve your life.

I won't deny the adverturous side. I am that and I love challenge though, I hage living my comfort zone. Who doesn't anyway? But the reason I chose the shoe is because I like the colour - it doesnt look to be good in walking on glass tile. I don't own a pair of some sort, so no worries.

Scottish-themed Books

Lately, I've been drawn into Scottish-theme novels (romance of course). It's my way of acquianting myself with the history with at least non-boring stuff. I've been planning to read world history or at least about one of the major wars in the world but most of the books I've came across are all boring me to tears. I'm not really into history and before, the orientation is more on western and asian countries. Living in Oz has exposed me to Regency, Highlanders, etc. I've known kilt and very curious about lairds (amoung other things such as how to lose weight fast). I'm still exploring this type of novels to find my favourites


Cinderella Story

Well, I'm certainly a late bloomer. I just saw this movie. I didn't even know that it exists. I was looking for a suitable movie for the Tatapilla at the video store and I found it. It's rated G but I'm the only one who saw it. I suppose, I can't really force my family to watch this type of movie than trick them to read supplement reviews. It's one of my favourite movies so far. I'm drawn into movies with happily-ever-after ending. Typical, maudlin me. :)


What Love Is Concert

I'm a big fan of Sarah Geronimo and I know that she had a concert (pre-valentine) with Martin Nievera. Since I can't be there to watch in person, I always hang in wait in youtube. Sarah has solid fans who share her vids very promptly.

This part is my favourite of all. She and GA look good together. They have "kilig" factor. Although, I might add Sarah always have that kilig factor with who ever she is paired with. It seems most of her leading men are attracted to her (like those health/beauty conscious with hydroxycut). I cant wait to see the whole video. Her music and videos/movie are on my list for things to buy when we go back home.


Oprah in Australia

I know this is history but I only get to see one of the episodes of Oprah's show in Australia today although I have seen some trailers. I would say, it was impressive. The crowds are really lucky to be there. I heard it was sort of like contest to be there.

I like Bon Jovi here really. I reckon, he doesn't grow old at all. He seems to look the same 10 years ago. I'm looking forward to see the episode with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman though. I just hope Tourism Australia has got the response or reaction they wanted after the episodes. I saw tourism ads during the show (no apidexin though). Although, it was an encore I reckon there are still people who were eager to watch it like me who missed it the previous time.

Sunday, February 13

Far from Reality

Your Stress Level is: 42%

You are somewhat prone to stress, especially when life gets hard.
When things are good, you resist stressing over little problems.
But when things are difficult, you tend to freak out and find it hard to calm down.

but I'm feeling it now. I reckon, it's just the heat catching up on me as I felt the onset of cold when the mercury was raging last week. Now, I'm truly laden with it. But life goes on as colourful as if I'm using color ink cartridges printing things to life. Though, we have to ditch a birthday party invite so I can nurse my snuffling self.

So Little Time

Why does weekend pass me buy so quick? I don't get to enjoy or savour it. Seem unfair really. Oh maybe just this week as I am down with flu that I have to be tied down on the bed but at least we have done our usual weekend routine of shopping, library, banks, etc. Do not even mention the household chores. They are all awaiting eagerly, if I may say so, for our attention. But they can wait. There are more pressing matters to attend to.

The organising of household furniture is another matter for me but I can only lift some of them so they are left to those with brawns - except maybe hanging up custom address plaques. Fortunately, our carpet was cleaned and shampooed last week and Mcj contracted a regular cleaner for the inside of the house.

Sunday, February 6

Name Game

We had a lot of fun at work for the past week or so. One of our products have to named with a "super name" for marketing purposes. At first, some send their entries timidly. Until one of the sales guys send in plethora of options - at the end of the competition he sent in a total of 35 entries. The management received a total 65 entries for just 17 of us at work. Imagine?!

Anyway, after all the speeches we've heard my co-worker and I discussed that there was an underlining meaning and thought going around that most of the guys will be leaving. We were speculating of the reasons, as the usual after event train. Could they be RDBMS jobs Sydney or some ERP jobs in Sydney? Are they leaving because of the pressure at work? Is it because of the management? Or of the other staff?

Whatever the reason maybe, hopefully, it was just a thought running wild on us.

The fun go on, though... however big or small the event is.

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