Saturday, February 26

It's Decided

I know, it's still way far but I'm already excited nonetheless. Yes, we've finally decided our trip back to my homeland and we've booked our flights, this early.

My passport will expire in the middle of this year and Mcj's is already expire and we'll renew soon but this didn't stop us from booking the flights. With our busy schedule (like those holding a full time job - could be production job), things have to be planned way in advance. It takes weeks or months to get things done based on experience. But I also like this way, at least it'll give me time to decide and buy presents when they are on sale not when I am cramming and just buy however much they are. Plus, I can also spend more time researching for our itinerary.

I haven't told my family back home yet. I don't want them to get excited when it's still a long time for us to get there. If I can have my way, I want it to be a surprise. We'll see.