Sunday, February 13

So Little Time

Why does weekend pass me buy so quick? I don't get to enjoy or savour it. Seem unfair really. Oh maybe just this week as I am down with flu that I have to be tied down on the bed but at least we have done our usual weekend routine of shopping, library, banks, etc. Do not even mention the household chores. They are all awaiting eagerly, if I may say so, for our attention. But they can wait. There are more pressing matters to attend to.

The organising of household furniture is another matter for me but I can only lift some of them so they are left to those with brawns - except maybe hanging up custom address plaques. Fortunately, our carpet was cleaned and shampooed last week and Mcj contracted a regular cleaner for the inside of the house.


Novelty Pens said...

Time does seem to be passing very quickly... actually too fast it seems. We were just in the throws of a blizzard and now Valentines day... Weeks just come and go...