Sunday, February 6

Name Game

We had a lot of fun at work for the past week or so. One of our products have to named with a "super name" for marketing purposes. At first, some send their entries timidly. Until one of the sales guys send in plethora of options - at the end of the competition he sent in a total of 35 entries. The management received a total 65 entries for just 17 of us at work. Imagine?!

Anyway, after all the speeches we've heard my co-worker and I discussed that there was an underlining meaning and thought going around that most of the guys will be leaving. We were speculating of the reasons, as the usual after event train. Could they be RDBMS jobs Sydney or some ERP jobs in Sydney? Are they leaving because of the pressure at work? Is it because of the management? Or of the other staff?

Whatever the reason maybe, hopefully, it was just a thought running wild on us.

The fun go on, though... however big or small the event is.