Sunday, June 19

I Say Tomato

Sunny, a young Australian actress, has recently arrived in Hollywood — having left heartbreak behind at home — and is still finding her feet. Soon enough, she’s auditioning for parts, being swept off to the Sundance Film Festival and negotiating tricky cross-cultural misunderstandings. And all the time, she’s trying to work out what — and who — is really important in her life.

I Say Tomato is both a satire of the LA film scene and a charming romantic comedy, filled with humour and heart. It’s about a young woman trying to find herself, but perhaps looking in all the wrong places.

This is one of my latest reads. As a sucker for happy ending, this doesn't really fall into the category although, it is leaning towards it. I am the sort who enjoys reading a happy ending that is detailed and would love it if another five chapter or so is dedicated towards the happy ending journal. This book makes you think of your own happy ending or not - open ended in some sort, yet.. at least the lead character knows what she wanted eventually. A quick read and entertaining. I don't familiarise myself with the hollywood type of life but it could be about what really that real life is. The friend has eating disorder (cant remember if there were mentions of eating disorders treatment centers). Meeting an elderly stranger is like the meet-cute in the Holidays.

More of this...

You Think Confidence is Elegant

When you want to get your way, you're assertive and gusty. You are a good actor, even when you're not feeling brave.
You are picky. You have high standards for yourself, and you do your best to meet them.
You value structure and organization. You need to know what the rules are before you play the game.
You are loving and grateful for the people you know. You treasure every single person in your life.

My work requires so much of this - confidence. One need not necessarily go through zumba workout for good body as that is not the pre-requisite. It's more on the attitude. Facing and talking to people is entirely different story than that of letting people know that you know what you are talking about and that what you are suggesting is what really is the best for them.

Monday, June 13

Long Weekend

The long weekend is almost over (could have been a perfect time to avail those Cirque Du Soleil Tickets) and it's my time to face my pc with my hair wrapped in towel, waiting for it to dry out. Trying to apply what I read recently to wait till the hair is dry before brushing although, I know from experience, it doesnt really work but this is my 2nd try since I read that article.

Anyway, it was such a hectic three days but still fun. Life is glorious - I'm being positive here all the time - and wishing that someday I'll be booking U2 Concert Tickets. :)

On the ondits, the book of mormon dominated the Tony Awards. I saw a bit of clip of Hugh Jackman singing with Harris and it was really great - could be even better if there are Tim McGraw Tickets on the side.

Broadway got religious Sunday night – make that sacrilegious – with the wildly irreverent The Book of Mormon dominating the 65th annual Tony Awards, as expected.

"This is such a waste of time," said Chris Rock as he was about to open the envelope, "like taking a hooker to dinner."

Lampooning young Latter Day Saints on a mission to Uganda, the musical, with a book and score by South Park's Trey Parker and Matt Stone and Avenue Q's Robert Lopez, went into the evening with 14 nominations and walked away with nine Antoinette Perry Awards, including best musical, score, book, featured actress Nikki M. James, among others.

But the host just crack me up. Really, would The Lion King Tickets and concert be better than this? Or James Taylor Tickets and concert? Maybe they are but for now, I'll settle for this. :)


Sunday, June 5

Going Postal and By The River Piedra...

I'm not into bike but I happened to read a book about bike travels. I must have seen it featured somewhere. Well, I liked it very much. I've read so many books but only few etched in my mind. One have to be compelling, have tragic ending or sort of un-happy ending. I can't really categorise the Going Postal.

It's adventure with a spice of love story that didn't really end happily. The adventure though was quite successful. The bike used was a used Australian Post bike which for some may sound quite ordinary but what it attracts me is the way the story was told. It is full of emotion and varied views and perspective. I can say that at some point, it can be very influential especially to those who aspires the same type of adventure. It is also very inspirational. One can see that the adventurer didnt use hgh in his travels. The transformation is quite strong - from boyish to matured person physically.. he aged due to the harsh weather. But I hope, his travels has aid him personally in all aspects.

The love story was quite intriguing but I won't delve into it as there are some points that I don't really understand and not quite make out why they didn't end up together. It's beyond me - a person who sees the world as black and white. I do wish a happy ending for both of them separately or together. I'm a sucker for happy endings.

After reading this book, I read Paulo Coelho's another masterpiece. A spiritual love story. It's about the feminine side God, the Virgin Mary. Christians know about her but in this book, she is viewed quite differently. It doesn't matter really how you view her.. as long as you give her the same importance. I like the part where the lead character decided to play the life of Joseph. It is quite true that in the bible, his role was down-played.. but we should not ever forget that he played a very important role in Jesus' life here on earth. This one has a happy ending.

I can't help but compare the two books. They're written in almost the same manner. In first person. No highfalutin words. Very simple, straightforward.