Sunday, June 19

I Say Tomato

Sunny, a young Australian actress, has recently arrived in Hollywood — having left heartbreak behind at home — and is still finding her feet. Soon enough, she’s auditioning for parts, being swept off to the Sundance Film Festival and negotiating tricky cross-cultural misunderstandings. And all the time, she’s trying to work out what — and who — is really important in her life.

I Say Tomato is both a satire of the LA film scene and a charming romantic comedy, filled with humour and heart. It’s about a young woman trying to find herself, but perhaps looking in all the wrong places.

This is one of my latest reads. As a sucker for happy ending, this doesn't really fall into the category although, it is leaning towards it. I am the sort who enjoys reading a happy ending that is detailed and would love it if another five chapter or so is dedicated towards the happy ending journal. This book makes you think of your own happy ending or not - open ended in some sort, yet.. at least the lead character knows what she wanted eventually. A quick read and entertaining. I don't familiarise myself with the hollywood type of life but it could be about what really that real life is. The friend has eating disorder (cant remember if there were mentions of eating disorders treatment centers). Meeting an elderly stranger is like the meet-cute in the Holidays.