Sunday, September 25


I have always believed on the cliche that things happened for a reason. It may not be apparent but eventually, it will be revealed. It could seem irrelevant when that thing happened but if put into perspective, it has its meaning. Such that things happen when you least expect it. We are in it.

We didn't plan much ahead. We've been contemplating but not on solid grounds and just in a snap of fingers, everything just fell into our midst. I am torn from being excited and apprehensive. This is a big step for us.

It also means, spending less on wants and save as much as possible on needs. I may resort to using pottery barn coupons. I don't really mind. I've been practicing on it. It's challenging and fun at the same time.


In That Mood

Life has been pretty busy these days, which is normal but lately, I have been a slack in the e-extra-curricular activities - blogging, facebooking, surfing. Before, I don't need a slight motivation and yet I was so active. These days, there are many - photos, events, family outings, etc and yet, I can't haul myself to go online most of the time. I suppose, that means that I am busy and so energetic in other areas in our household - like organising and some retal therapy for our upcoming overseas trip. On that department, I haven't decided if we're going to get toshiba laptop computers or a different brand. Not long now and hopefully, we can make up our mind.

Going back, it looks like I'm not going to get my groove back until we leave. Hopefully, when we're back.