Saturday, July 7

Business Trip

I have been away from home for 2 nights in a row this week starting Monday. Our customer went live in their opening using our system. My two other colleagues went there to facilitate and assist. It was my first to be directly involved in the Go Live and yet despite my experience with just being a support at work while others are onsite, it was a pretty relax implementation. I reckon, it is attributed to the company really being ready for it plus the relationship that has been maintained all throughout. They went live on Thursday. I can say all the good things but then it will not be realistic then, is it. But I can only say something not so nice about the weather. Some mornings it was below zero but the use of ray ban 2132 during the day is still appropriate and for a tropical-blooded through and through it was a shock to my system. I had to use blankets and throw pillows as draught stopper. I survived.