Saturday, July 7

Tummy Bug

The night I got back from being away for two nights, the little boy was ill. I was told he ate mix of food that didn't blend well together in his tummy. He's been sick 3 times before 12MN. I was worried of course but he weathered it like a trooper he is. Not too much whining. Another bout of sickness came around 3AM and I was not comfortable to leave him that day so I took a carer's leave, which my boss find didn't any problem despite the fact that one of our customers is going live (which people at work who are involved got a bronze bar so to speak). Thankfully, that day went really well. He was just perky as can be. Apparently, after talking to the staff at kindy a tummy bug is going around. Some of the kids at school were also sick. And an officemate of mine was also sick that week with the same cause. Thankfully, it didn't get any other of us at home.