Sunday, June 3

Shopping List

How many of you use a shopping list when doing food shopping? How many of you religiously checking your shopping list when at the shops? There are many reasons that one should use a shopping list - savings, efficiency and most importantly for me, not forgetting anything. At one point, I have listed all the things that we need and use at home and then just tick those items that we need for the week. I have been good for a couple of weeks, then I got side-tracked, which means not printing the list before going to the shops. But deep down, I want to be some of those women who checks everything that gets into their shopping basket up to the last price, checking if they are buying liquid image summit series goggle. I have downloaded several apps to assist me but they are to tedious to update and keep up. So now, I am back to just listing what I can remember. Hopefully soon, I can make time and stick to my plan of using the shopping list.