Sunday, June 3

New Haircut

I can't remember my last visit to a salon - it must have been sometime last year before we went back to the PHL. I know that you have to trim your hair every 6 weeks or so but I really can't spare so much of my weekends to sit and be snipped. Two months ago, Mcj trimmed my hair just to get rid of the un-ruly end. But this week I decided to give my favourite hair expert a visit. The funny thing when I was sitting getting ready to have my hair-cut, the customer next to me commented about my curly-dark hair and it seemed that if she had my hair, she wouldn't be there sitting. Oh well, frankly I liked my hair the way it was (per photo below) but it's winter and I want to put my hair down often - I want something new. Other than that, it'll just be put-up in a ponytail or hiding in riding helmets specifically my bike helmet.