Saturday, August 18


... of the week. As always we are very busy. There are so many things to be done, things that we want to do but there is not enough time during the day and night. Still life is good not to be enjoyed and cherished. I have been devouring new books like hot potatoes when I am not occupied of something else. On the work front, it has been a bit quiet. We've gone river bank fishing for the first time and it was exciting. I have not managed to catch anything at all but I must say I did not fish for long. Between Jens and I, Mcj has barely enough time to get a drink let alone bait and cast his line. Did a bit of retail therapy this weekend. My favourite past time, I'd say. It has been good as always. Despite our hectic routine, I can't complain. There are things that might bother us (not as much as discontinued appliance parts) but everything sorts itself out. So yeah, let's all have a wonderful weekend!