Sunday, November 18
I have always want to put up a wreath on the front door (despite it not the front of the house). I looked up the net for some inspiration on how to make one on my own. There are plenty, of course. I also tried the shop but I reckon it's not worth paying $30 for a front door wreath although it can be used over and over again - that despite being the bargain shop. So after putting up the tree, I have heaps of decos left and thought of making a wreath from scratch.
I am quite proud of it as I have to make do with some scrap wire to make the frame. It's not what I desired but the outcome I reckon is not bad. Oh, I am just so ecstatic as I always believe that I don't have any artistic bone in my body (much less, if that is possible, in the music department to be be searching for marvelous ace frehley budokan custom at Musicians friend).
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