Sunday, February 26

Movie Marathon

Without planning it, today we did a movie marathon.

Last weekend, Mcj recorded the Iron Man 1 and missed the ending. So I rented the DVD's for both 1 and 2 because then I didn't know which one were we watching. So yes, today we watched both DVD's. The Tatapilla is into movies like this but I am not. Actually, I am more curious if Tony and Pepper will end up together, which they did. A happy ending for me however sparse.

Then, while ironing some clothes I finished the last disc in the 2-disc movies of Sandra Bullock that I bought last week. Premonition. I also hoped for a happy ending, which it was except that her husband died. But as the priest said in the movie, everyday is a miracle - she's pregnant (and maybe will earch some gold bullion in the sale of their house).