Monday, May 14

Bubba and Bun Update

When I had my check-up last Month, I was a bit shaken when the midwife noticed in my scan narratives that my placenta was in a posterior position. We were then advised to book another scan and series of pathology tests. That same day, I surfed the net extensively about placental position and read every bits and pieces. I think, I have read almost everything there is in the net that I was pacified at the end of the day because, my physical state didn't actually fall on the category of women with placenta previa. But still, I informed Nanay back in the Philippines what we just found out and it got into their nerves. She asked/consulted every person that she knew would give her opinion or experience on the matter.

Almost everyone in the family who knew my state were really looking forward to the scan. And it was such a breather especially for Hubs and I that towards the end of the scan session with the sonographer, he told us that my placenta is a bit low lying - on my left side - but is 8cm away from my cervix. It is really in a posterior position but far from being placenta previa.

On the side note, though the sonographer is a male, I didn't find him offensive or awkward. He was so gentle and explains every details of what we can see in the monitor. He gave me warning of what I would feel if he's going to shift the transducer from one area to the next. I was advised prior to the scan to drink 2 glasses of water and not visit the loo. I should have a full bladder during the examination and what an uncomfort it was when the transducer was placed on top of your full bladder. I had to use the loo for the staff right after the scan as I cant hold it up to the public comfort room.

The scan was very thorough. Bubba's heartbeat was counted and it was normal and we were really amazed by our little angel because when the transducer was shifted back to his lungs, his heartbeat increased; a good sign said the sonographer. All the major blood vessels; in the brain, heart, lungs, stomach, etc; supply normal amount of blood to the vital organs. Baby's internal organs are in place and he's now in his birthing position but I reckon, he shifts and roll-over every now and then. :D And what a delight when we saw his face. Sorry friends but I can't share his photo as our scanner doesn't work now that it is needed and I cant send photos from our mobile phone camera. And yes, we haven't bought a new digicam yet - still waiting for the big sale :P.

And yes, I was relieved that I don't have a UTI. There were just some skin cells in my urine that the medtech may have mistaken them to be puss cells. My last test in the Philippines said, I had one.. I had to take medications for 7 days. It was acceptable for me to have one when I was in my 8 weeks because true enough, I was not drinking the very needed fluid - a severe case of pregnancy sickness; throwing up when I take any.

I have yet to see the result of my other pathology tests or we will hear from them if there's bad news. So far, its been no news. Here, you don't need to fast for the Glucose Challenge Test nor you have to take glucose liquid every hour for three hours. You just have to walk-in whenever you like and they would give you a glucose carbonated drink and they'll get blood samples after an hour.

On another story, we attended our first antenal class. It was fun and informative but I should say that I have read almost all of what were discussed in the magazines and internet. I find the sharing of all preggies to be the most interesting of all. We were asked to share what are the good and bad things of being pregnant and well, the good things aren't new to me. Some bad things like snoring, teeth grinding, water retention, are alien and I hope, I won't have them at all.

Three more antenatal classes more to go and another doctor's appointment before this month ends. And more pushing, stretching, rolling over, kicking, hiccups and punching from Bub.


dangkin said...

hey girl! good to know everything's alright with you and bubba! looking forward to see him get out of 'there' and learn to live in 'our' world.. we're excited for you and chris! :)

btw, i like that name--bubba ;)

Princess of CJ said...

yay! everyone's excited. hehehe. my mother-in-law said, I have a tough time ahead of me for rearing our child. hummm, isip ko, iuwi ko yan sa probinsya, solve na. hehehe.

they call babies here bub (habang nasa loob pa), but i adopted the bubba from the midwife that conducted our antenatal class. :D

ladycess said...

uy, alam mo, ganyan din ang sinabi sa akin ng ob ko. my placenta was low, lying on the left din. pero awa ng diyos , hindi naman placenta previa. glad to know it's not a cause for worry for you too.

dito nga, talagang parusa yang fasting blood sugar na yan. lalo na pag buntis siyempre ayaw mong nagugutom tapos 9-10 hours yatang hindi ka pwedeng kumain! aaah!

Princess of CJ said...

hi cess! alam mo naghahanap ako ng may parehong experience kasi it lessen up the worry. :D i dont worry that much now, i have more things to worry about giving birth normally.

i had a worst experience there when i had my GCT talaga! i had my last bite 10PM the previous night and then the next time i ate was 12 noon the next day and i am having severe pregnancy sickness. acckkk!

im glad that it's all over. :D and i know that it is all worth it.

ann said...

Medyo nakaka worry nga yan lalo sa mga first time mom like you. I hope everything will be fine hanggang sa lumabas si bubba.

Princess of CJ said...

hi ann! thanks. ;D

the positive thinker in me outweighs the worrier, kaya i dont think about it that much. but yes, for first time moms, there are lots of what ifs talaga. i just have a little dose of "the secret" ni cess. :D