Friday, September 19

We're a Spectacle

Mcj had just availed one of the extras in our family health insurance – spectacles.

We set the eye check-up appointment almost a month in advance for the two of us. Then, during that day I decided to drop by the library to borrow some text books so we were half hour late and because it took half an hour for each person, the optometrist can only accommodate one because he had another patient coming in half an hour time. Ok. So, I pass up that day.

But before leaving the shops, we booked me another appointment which is tomorrow. I’ve already chosen the type of spectacles that I want when we picked-up Mcj’s. I was allowed to choose a dearer pair as we got a discount voucher from Mcj’s niece. A whooping 40%, that’s on top of our family health insurance rebate. But I am still expecting cash out of at least 200 bucks. But it might be lower than that. Well, see.