Thursday, September 25


Mcj's most awaited dental procedure was over.

Yesterday was a big day for him. It had been postponed for over a month and he was just happy that the time has come.

But, boy! We waited at the hospital for over 5 hours. Good thing there was a telly so I didn't loose my bearings.

The surgery was done under GA so I have to stay with him to keep an eye after the procedure. Mcj was sort of apprehensive and cautious of being under GA. He actually thought of the worst, not waking up. I didn't entertain the thought but I got scared only when he was out of the recovery room. Isn't it ironic?

Anyway, we are all glad that it's over. Though we're not happy with our health provider - it just shouldered $800 bucks of the whooping bill$$$$$. We'll soon say bye-bye to them.