Wednesday, September 3


There’s just not enough time during the day to do all my tasks. I’m not that busy at night but most often I ended up going to sleep early when I get Jens to sleep. It is only sometimes when some of my bones are energised that I get to face the computer – to blog, reply to emails, chat, or just plainly surf and read. Just like tonight.

I am not that busy but I am just stressed so I de-stress most of the times rather than resorting to acne treatment in the future.

But truth be told, I love my schedule now. I get to be more organised. Yes, I need more practise in that department so this is the perfect time to do it. Plus, I am honing my motherly instincts and skills. I plan in advance and tend to remember stuff that I need to do unlike before when I don’t have a schedule, I slack all the time. Then, I do multi-task but I still waste time. Now, I just waste time when my hands were already full that I have to do a second round.
Oh well, changes come and I am coping well.