Friday, September 19

Missing Telly

Since I am always busy for a month now, I don’t get to watch my favourite telly shows anymore – like, classic All Saints, In the Night Garden (Jens’), M*A*S*H, etc. Plus all those reports. Consolation is, at least I don’t get to see reports that are very disturbing or petty – celebrity this and that is under a drug treatment or this icon is in drug rehab, blah.

There are lots of things that I miss. I know. Blogging is on the top. But mind you, though how busy I am, I get to see movie/s at night. We have an ever increasing collection of movies that I feel compelled to see them and it’s my de-stressor. Yet, I still get to sleep before 11PM. The beauty of not doing anything after dinner or of not making any dinner at all.

But on the blogging front, someday I can make it up to you friends. Things would go quite eventually and I can fit in blogging on top of the things that I have to do.