Wednesday, September 3

Iggle Piggle :)

Jens had been missing his favourite telly show, In The Night Garden. I can’t really tell how much but from what I heard from his Nan and Dad, he missed quite a lot. When he stayed home last Monday, and accidentally turn the telly on Channel 2 (where the show is aired), he was beaming from ear to ear and actually making a fuss about all the characters. We’re supposed to buy him DVD or books of the show but we forgot when we were at the shop.

I got some downloadable audio books but he is not up to them yet. They’re too grown-ups in style that they won’t interest the Big guy. But he loves books so for now, his book collection will do plus a little increment every time we go to the shop is very much appreciated.


Joy said...

My Kids like this show too!!!!!! Very cute!!!