Saturday, May 13

Thumper Namin!

Living away from CJ temporarily, has made me more creative to find value-adding ways on how to amuse myself, but it could not be deny that I miss my Hubs always and how I wish we’re together. I may not like our setup now but in some ways it has taught me develop my minute emotional maturity, which bluntly speaking I barely have even I am already married. Then, my emotional quotient is quite low. I can rate myself sans the EQ test.

I maybe gaining more patience and emotional strength of being away from CJ, still being together is the best thing that I could ever need and want. I constantly miss all of him.

It is just amazing how a simple thing can relieve your longing and yearning for the person you love.

On CJ’s first trip to the Philippines, he bought me a “baby”, stuffed wabit (rabbit) named Thumper. He is our baby here in the Philippines and would be my company at night in lieu of Hubs.

And last night, I was being nostalgic as it was raining and the atmosphere was just gloomy, I want to be in CJ’s arms. =(

Thanks to Thumper who’s very warm and comforting. After a few cuddles with him, I was more than OK.

I will really miss Thumper when I have to leave him here and be with CJ for good. He’s just too big and overweight that bringing him over to OZ isn’t a wise and practical idea.

Thumper, will always be One of Our Babies.