Wednesday, May 31

Grandiose, Mall of Asia, A sight to behold

I’ve never seen a mall as big as it is. The biggest in Asia, the third in the world.

We went there last night with our friend from Davao. Not all boutiques are open yet but it seems every nook and corner were reserved. It’s really a one-stop-shop not like some malls in Manila that there are stores not available in SM likewise in Robinsons.

There’s a big miniature Globe in-front that changes color at interval. Blue. Purple. Green. The spectacular fountain welcomes you.

On the northern part, in-house garden serve as a park to rest the aching feet of the shoppers.

Now, there are two skating rink in the Philippines and both are in SM Malls.
The skating Rink.

I-max movie house is coming which was patterned in USA, they said.

Palm trees and benches lined-up at the back close to the bay.

Weekdays normally are not a mall time. But ManileƱos has this bug of the Mall of Asia. It is crowded.

Charlene Gonzales was there last night. Seems shooting for her show, At Home Ka Dito. She being the endorser of SM Deparment Store.

I bet, it would always be a venue for variety show, which ASAP started last Sunday.
The main entrance.

*Pardon the quality of the photos as they were taken using my mobile phone.