Saturday, June 10

Just excited... blah blah blah

Its a long week-end here in the Philippines, much the same in OZ. It's the Queen's Day there, so Hubs will have a day off work and concentrate on the tax returns which is sooooo long overdue. Hopefully, SIL N will be there to give a hand.


The holiday on Monday is really good timing to the wedding of a classmate cum friend from MBA school. H (boss/friend) and I will be going to Pampanga and meet other classmates to witness our friend tie the knot. We are all excited as L (the bride) is way past the marrying age for a lady and yet has caught the last trip. =D


Went shopping last night with officemates H and E but went home bare handed. Yet! I am happy with the change in me. I am less becoming an impulse buyer. Hubs, you should congratulate me. Hehehe! I told Hubs last night that I'll go shopping again today and asked him what should I buy. He reckon, I should buy the same what I had that night. Quite impressive answer. =D


On the lighter side, it rained in Hubs place yesterday... just a steady slow rain wholeday. Just what we need to keep the business going.

And it rained here this morning also just to abate the stiffling summer heat.

Hope it would still be cool tomorrow until Monday.


Oh, I am out of paperback already. Had read lots of stuff this week. I better frequent Booksale again.

I have a penchant for a good book in the National Bookstore but I dont wanna buy brand new books as the cost would be three second hand books. Waaaaa!

I better weigh my priority. =D