Sunday, June 25

Better Timing

Last Friday, I thought I was in a dire street as I dont know what to do in the coming look week-end. I was really wrong!

I think, God found me things to do.

Before, I left the office last Friday, I was not feeling all too well. I can sense something ill would happen, and I was indeed right!

I have a flu (I still have as of now).

Thanks to my Hubs for being so comforting though over the phone. I was a bit relieved Friday night.

Came Saturday, I had stuffed nose, itchy and achy throat, headache, muscle pain... waaaa!

So, I just stayed in bed the whole day, sleeping, reading and just lying down. I was able to finished two books.

Thanks God for chosing the right timing for me to get ill.

Now, I feel a bit better... and I have to force my butt out of bed. I need to be out and about so I can go to work tomorrow. (me still thinks of work amidst the feeling of nausea)

My co-workers better have a strong immune system. Im going go work with bugs and viruses tomorrow.

Try to stop me.

I have a deadline to beat! Waaaa!