Monday, June 26

Name Changing

Being married has all these hassles (no pun intended). Oppsss, sowee. I can only name one that is, changing name err… rather adding name. =P With it, comes the changing of ID’s, amendment of passport, changing of names for some club membership. What else?

It took eight months after the wedding before I change name in my SSS, Pag-ibig, Philhealth, Tax purposes, employment record, etc. I was not in a hurry so is Hubs. But he said that when I will change my family name, I should surely drop my maiden family name, like E D. P not E D-P. Yet, my work email add is in E D-P format coz, my co-workers might not recognize the new email add.

My membership card in Mabuhay Miles already bears my married name, so minus one hassle for this name changing. I recently joined so I used my married name and just submitted our marriage certificate despite the fact that my passport still bears my maiden name. I reckon, I wont be traveling via PAL internationally. =D

I just renewed as well as amended my passport last month so I am compelled to change the rest of my documents, like my membership with Qantas Frequent Flyer.

I joined QFF the last time I flew over Australia to earn the miles.

The next time that I will do, I will be using my new passport. So I better change my membership name now.

I called their office in Makati today to asked where could I send the documents for the change of name. I was advised that change of name is processed in OZ. Waaaaa!

Thanks to the modern technology. I will just scan our marriage certificate and send it through email.

Bureaucracy is highly observed in OZ but they have efficient system. I am sure, the request that I will make will soon be attended to.

What else do I need to change?


j said...

Don't worry Princess you are not alone. I had to go through the same hassles when I got married..grrr!

Ers said...

Especially here in the Philippines. They dont make it easy for you. Waaaa!