Friday, June 23

Serious Dilemna

Tomorrow is holiday in Manila.

It means more time for “me”.

And I am in dire street. I don’t know what will I do – something worthwhile, something I haven’t done before, go to a place I haven’t been to, what?

Will I go to Lamesa Eco-park? Been planning to do it a week before last and I haven’t been there yet.

Will I just stay at home and read a book? A hobby but of course I will read a new book.

Will I go malling? Not new but I can buy something new. =D

Will I just sleep the whole day? Not really so new but I sure will have dreams… which of course is new.

Waaaaa! Whatever!

What sure is, I am not going to wake-up early. :P


j said...

Lucky you, you are able to celebrate holidays. In my job, there are NO holidays :(

Ers said...

its Manila day, that's why!

why? is your boss slaving you? hehehe.