Saturday, June 17

Craft... hobby

Because of the diverse interests of people around me (friends, peers, etc), I tend to develop my own.. not really unique. My criteria in developing hobbies or new crafts are simplicity, need less focus, can be done simultaneously with other stuff, less stressful to the eye.. in short.. “can be finished in little time with small effort”.

Have tried lots of stuff… cross-stitching – this is stressful to my already-damaged eyes, tedious and most of all, not advisable for impatient people like me. Hehehe. Another try is, paper curtains – this is a never-ending craft so I just let the material gather dust in the nook of my room for now. Eventually, I will get back to it. There is my favorite hobby, reading – well, it’s always there in my blood, in my mind, in my heart. I am not actually leaving it behind or forgetting it. It actually is my first love for hobbies. I am just hibernating from it. My interest is somewhat like the climates in the sub-tropical region. Winter now, spring next… summer and then autumn.. and winter again. A vast difference though is I always found new craft to fill the gap between one hobby to the other.

Tyaraaaannnn! The new craft is latch hook! Last Monday, friend E and I, pestered SM in Fairview after lunch from my aunt. We hurried from one bookstore to the other. Luckily, I didn’t buy any book. I reckon, I should make a new craft and so off we went to Heavenly Moment (is the name right?).

There I figured what to buy, the puzzle frame? the latch hook? the crochet? Cast the scross-stitch out… tested and proven that I can’t finish any in less than a year if indeed I can finish one.

Finally, I settled to the latch hook… it looks less complicated. And so I bought the kit.. but my! When I am about to begin working on it, a friend said that I should have a hook to use in latching so my fingers won’t hurt. Thankfully, she has a spare one to lend to me.

Silly me!

I didn’t get it from the name: LATCH HOOK! that I should need one.. Oh well, I assumed the kit is complete. =D

I have been working on it for three nights now while watching the television.

I don’t have an impressive accomplishment yet, but the speed will do. Besides, I only do it for an hour with more time for the teevee than with the latching.

The pattern of my masterpiece is Garfield. Inspired of the “Garfield the Movie 2”?

Nah, just the favorite of a friend. (will post photo when its finished)


j said...

Hi, the only reason why I did crafts back then was because they were school projects :( I guess I didn't have the talent and skills.
I Love Garfield! Cant wait to watch the movie 2!

Ers said...

Hi Jairam, thanks for dropping by.

I guess you really made them great as you will be graded on them =D.

Yeah, seems Garfield movie is funny and interesting.