Thursday, November 2

And I Pray For Rain

Due to the global warming, most part of Australia is suffering from drought. Rain is very very rare. The lawn grass of most houses are brown-ish, bush fires are imminent, brick houses are so brittle that by just mere hammering, some parts if not the entire building is falling... and many other catastrophy brought about by the lack of water. Most dams water level down to 25% and it has to supply water for residential and industrial estate.

In some villages, brick houses are falling apart. I saw some on the telly and it was just horible. And event such as this is not covered by the house insurance as according to regulatoring authority, this is not common and not an anticipated course of nature. How sad for the house owner. They were just advised not to repair small damages as it will just have chain effects.

The farmers are loosing their business badly and the Howard government provided millions of dollars aides to them to sustain the business.

When I arrived here last end of August the water restriction is on the 3rd level, which means, (the very basic that I can remember) no sprinklers are allowed in the garden only bucket watering. It then rained for a week when I arrived here, that, my BIL reckoned I brought the rain with me. Lucky! ;))

Now, the condition get worse. The use of water will be more regulated that the council in the Caboolture Shire (our shire) will soon implement the level 4 water restriction. One of the conditions are bucket watering of gardens in alternate days for the odd and even numbers of house addresses. Business that consume large volume of water should submit a Water Efficiency Management Plan.

Yesterday, Hubs went to the orientation in Cabwater for the WEMP. He brought home some leaflets and guidelines and goodies which include an hourglass of 4 minutes (will post photo soon) to be sticked to the shower room. A simple way of telling you that, hey, you only have 4 minutes to shower to help conserve water. It was a nice idea though as you get conscientious while scrubbing your body that you have to hurry up. I just hope every household will adhere to that.

If you'll judge the lack of water in the weather, it is not evident. It's not stifflingly hot, except Saturday last week, when the temperature raised to 36 degrees C. But since summer is drawing near, it is getting warm at night too. Though summer here is too humid and scaldingly hot, it is a storm season so, we just expect that this drought phenomenon will be over next season.

It's a pity that most businesses here in Queensland are so dependent on water. The condition is crippling even the most robust entity.

It has been gloomy since weekend... I pray it will rain tonight or tomorrow or the day after... but hope it'll just be soon.


Unknown said...

aww its so sad to hear this. when i was there (june-aug) it was also on the news every now and then, they even had a poll/survey if people were okay with recycling water!! though they assured that the 'new' water will be clean and totally filterd, good as new, of course people didnt want to! i hope oz, queensland especially will be able to get through this. hirap mawalan ng water!!

Mich said...

oh, and so I thought, this would only happen in the Philippines. We will help you pray for the rain to come. :)

chuching said...

wow, at least the government is doing something about the crisis. but what i don't get is why we have more water here in the middle east where rain is an unusual experience. here in bahrain, it rains probably 10-15x a year. and those only lasts 5mins each! in saudi, according to my dad, in a year sometimes it doesn't even rain at all! but water is abundant...

sandra said...

wow, your country has a water problem and your govt makes regulations and everyone else follows. you even have seminars. saludo ako. pi doesnt have that :(

i hope you can still take a bath (hehehe, joke lang ha?)

dangkin said...

wow, sounds like worst than what i've experienced in mla! would you like me to send you a couple blocks of ice? he.he.he.

hope it will rain in your area soon..

Princess of CJ said...

@ jean, been seeing in the news re water recycling but nothing definite and material has come up yet..

@ mich, i think water crisis can happen anywhere in the world. we can just feel the impact here as all the citizens are involved. our prayers had been paid off.. its raining now. not blastfull but enough to wet the ground and soak up to a foot i think. its non-stop though. thanks

@ gracita, yup water use is regulated here and im thankful for that. maybe, ME countries have bigger dams and water reserves or maybe water bore or maybe recycled water from the gulfs?

@ mama jenn, yup i think everything is almost regulated here and i have never seen disciplined and honest citizens than here. reason mainly maybe is, they're satisfied with the government?

@ dangkin, its not as worst in mla though because we dont run out of water in the tap just like in most areas in mla... citizens here are just made more aware and conscientious of this issue.

its raining now.. but isn't it ironic that we want sunshine as we have a big upcoming project to come? hahaha.. and today is my washing time.. hummm, still i am very thankful though!