Tuesday, November 7

Shop, Food, Craft

Yesterday afternoon, I made another trip to the shops alone again. Alone. It means I can roam every nook and corner of every shop that caught my fancy and nobody on my side to complain that it is taking me too long to decide what to buy. Guess who's that? ;)) My Hubs is a typical male who when going to the shops, will only visit the isles that we frequented and nothing more. Aside from me being a shop-aholic woman, I am trying to familiarize what are the products here that I can use to cook Pinoy food and stuff to do some crafts... which could take me longer to do shopping for even a short shopping list.

I went to this not-so-dear-outlet that sells products mostly from China for my crafts. Yup, it is some sort of like a 99 Store in Manila but the price is not actually universal. It just sell products of cheap price compared to some chain stores. I was tempted to buy the beads that I can use to my paper curtain, but reckon, I don't get enough for the hefty price that I will pay.. I'll better wait for my upcoming trip back to Manila and I will buy heaps of beads. I end up just buying the glue stick which I urgently need.

And I made another discovery... a stir fry noodle like the pancit canton we have in the Philippines. Yup, I like eating pancit canton.. I know it's not a healthy food but I just love the taste. I usually indulge on Sunday back then and eat pancit canton with boiled eggs. So now, we don't have to make a special trip to Asian or Filipino food store here, which, are fairly far from our place just to buy some food that I miss. The noodle is imported from Asia (can't remember the country) but it doesn't have MSG in it, so I reckon it is still a bit healthy to eat. I also added up a prawn cracker to my shopping basket... just like the Oishi... a pleasant or not-so-pleasant change from potato chips.. munchies for the movies.

Can pansit bihon go with chicken adobo instead of rice or steamed potato? Congratulate me, folks. I have perfected the chicken breast adobo last Sunday. I didn't use lemon juice but rather apple cider vinegar. I made some twist too by adding the potatoes and veggies - carrots, beans, peas, and the white stuff that I don't know ;)) - (after being half-cooked in the mic)in the adobo pot while it is cooling down. Hubs said it was nice. Yum for me. So maybe for a couple of Sundays to come... adobo will dominate the plate. Hehehe. And I spotted vermicelli on the shop rack and I am thinking of making pancit bihon. I haven't tried it before but Hubs can be a guinea pig for my cooking. Hehehe. For days, I have been printing recipes from the net and trying to figure out what will I practice-cook first. I am really having fun in this cooking adventure.

Got to go. Have to try out the instant stir fry noodles. Will update you on the taste. ;))


dangkin said...

i usually use just a dab of lemon juice on my adobo and instead of water, i use dr pepper or 7up.. it usually comes out good..the sweet-tangy-sour-taste is perfect :P

btw, how's ur stir fry noodles taste? bet 'taste like ur home.. he.he.he.

Princess of CJ said...

i used all the juice of a knuckle-sized lemon before.. and no water. no wonder it is too sour. ;((

just took the tinge of sweetness in the stir fry noodle and you will have the hot and spicy lucky me pancit canton. yup, taste and feel like you're home. ;))

chuching said...

glad to know the noodle turned out masarap. i used to love lucky me pancit canton too. kaso the ones they sell in bahrain tastes "luma" so mejo iba na tingin ko ngayon sa lucky me. although may bago akong favorite: nissin's yakisoba!! :) my papa harvs introduced me to it and i love it!! especially if you eat it with boiled egg! ayan, nami-miss ko na yakisoba :)

Princess of CJ said...

yup, yakisoba is perfect with boiled eggs, another favorite of moi. basta lahat ng stir fry noodles. ;))

enjoy your yakisoba!

sandra said...

adobo with apple cider vinegar??!! pasensiya na ha, at alien sa akin yan. since madalas mo naman palang lulutuin, picture naman, at samahan mo na ng recipe :) try ko nga!

Mich said...

ooooh, sounds good! I haven't eaten adobo for quite sometime now. Hmmm, adobo with veggies sounds perfect! Congrats! Looking forward to more of your recipes. ;)

Princess of CJ said...

@ mama jenn,wala kasing datu puti dto. ;)) d ko nga alam noon that apple cider is used in cooking kasi ginagamit yan ng mga officemates ko para pumayat. hehehe. cge, next time talaga... late na kasi dinner namin so wala ng prep prep pa.. sabak na agad. ;))

@ mich, i had adobo two sundays ago.. maybe this week. i am not just sure though if we have chicken in the fridge. we seldom buy diced pork kasi. hope i can master this adobo recipe. ;))