Wednesday, November 1

Halloween and October Blah Blah

It's November 1st... Yayyyy! Time flies so fast.. and I am one year "wiser" now.

Today, in the Philippines, traffic would be very busy and people are so pre-occupied with preppin' food, candles, prayer books and what-have-you's.. and will have "picnic" at the cemetery. Yep, that's how I see it, picnic. Some would be playing cards.. and just enjoying the sun if the weather is not gloomy. I think, that tradition is only known to Filipinos and Catholics. Whilst here, life goes on normally with the living. Another proof to show that I am living in a different world. Ha.Ha.

Month of October is memorable to my family... both Hubs and I celebrated our birthday last month... and then there's Nanay (my mother) and a best friend in Bacolod, M. My youngest sis, I, passed the teacher's board exam. That's quite a good news to me considering the "disaster" that blew the family's mind in the middle of the school-year last year.

Last month, I had so many firsts. One was cooking "patyam" which I reckon turned out quite well. Then there was my supposedly adobo last Sunday, which as Hubs said, was a sweet-and-sour chicken. I owe that to too much lemon juice and a dab of sugar to abate the sourness. And another first of the firsts, was Hubs haircut from moi. Yup, I experimented my talent or lack of it to My Hubs hair. I was quite satisfied with the result.. as well as Hubs. My MIL even volunteered to be a ginea pig when her hair is due for the hair dresser. I think, I fare well in this department.. Hummm, another fall back career. He.He.

And my first photo of Lucky sleeping...

Isn't he cute?



dangkin said...

=) we had a great halloween yesterday! kids of one of DHs ' staff was all dressed up-cute&spooky!

know what? we did the same thing, I also trimmed Dear Husband's hair last sat! ha.ha.ha. isn't it weird? =))

hey, congratulations to your sis!


Princess of CJ said...

oz doensnt celebrate halloween so it was very quite as usual.

hehehe. we really have something in common. ;))


Mich said...

wow, congrats to you! I find people (like you, who knows how to cut other people's hair) amazing. Before, I tried to cut my hair, but, it was a very bad idea. Very Bad! ;)

Princess of CJ said...


i think, i did it like patyam. hehehe. i tried the layer first and mukhang bao ng nyog. hehehe. but i made it at the end.