Friday, August 18



So much thought is running in my mind.. some has run wild. I want to slow down and enjoy the moment while I am still here in Manila…. Write some sensible stuff… savour the glorious jiffy.

But! Alas!

So much has to be done also.

Work. Turn-over of functions. Backing-up files and photos.

Meet-ups. Friends. Families.

Packing. Packing. Packing.


Packing again!

Hah! (Gasping for breath)

My roster is full until the 26th.

Will I ever find time to treat myself for a facial before I leave? I badly need it. It’s been three months.


When all of these are over… I am going to write more and often. If only…

But definitely, my holidays will start ten days from now.



dangkin said...

Don't forget to put labels on each box and the most important thing must be on top co'z it might be the one you'll first need when you get to where you're going.. :))

vina said...

aaaaw...good luck on that packing era!

aaaaaand, it'll be sooooo soon till you'll be together!!!!

Princess of CJ said...

thanks, dangkin. only few items will go with me. most will be for the province. whew! kadamu gd!=D

hi vina, yup.. i indeed need luck. i am lousy in that department. hehehe.

very very soon... can't sleep and wait. =D