Thursday, August 3

Off to OZ... Again

Yep, I’m off to OZ again before this month ends, just in time for our first wedding anniversary.

I was approved of one year multiple entry visitor’s visa with three months maximum stay from the date of entry. We still don’t have definite plans what will we do every three months. I might cross to New Zealand for a day or two and back again to Australia and stay for another three months or go back here in the Philippines. It has yet to be seen.

But what I know is, shortly after, I will be hearing the koalas cheers from the jungle on the next door neighbor property after their mating.
I will be seeing the possum/s playing hide and seek (mostly caught) with Our Lucky on the roof at night.

This will be a common sight whatever direction we’re going to from the house.

And most of all, I will be with my The One!

I know, all these trips are not practical but it is the better and interim way for Hubs and I to be together for sometime while we can’t apply for the migration visa yet.

Can’t wait!


dangkin said...

glad you got it! now, while in mnl, have fun when you can! :-)

Ers said...


i'm sort of enjoying my days for this week as there is no turn-over schedule yet. hehehe!

yeah, i'll make the most of it!

j said...

enjoy! enjoy! don't forget to share more pictures when you come back :)

Ers said...


sure! that is when hubs gets a time-out from biz. =D

oh well! i must learn to drive!