Monday, July 31

Two and two

Friend J and I planned to watch a movie, The Break-up, last Saturday night. Before going to the mall, I checked the show schedule here and found out that the next show will start by past 7PM.

We decided to shop around while waiting for the show time as we arrived early.

I tell you, shopping around was a bad idea.

We enjoyed hopping from one boutique to the other that we decided to skip the movie and do the full-time shopping. Hehehe!

J bought a cap for a friend and I bought these.

I told myself long way back not to buy fashion earrings anymore (I have almost 10 pairs at home that I use once in a blue moon). But these caught my fancy. They can be paired to any blouse or dress and can be worn everyday. So there, I have justified my impulse.

But I like the pair very much and I am wearing them to work today.

We had so much fun. We capped the night by a dinner in the Ilonggo food restaurant.

On the fashion front, friend H promised to make me Swarovski crystal earrings for my birthday last year.

Well, she just gave them to me last Saturday. Late.. but!

Look at them… nice color, my favorite. (Pardon me for being a show-off but they are so bling-bling to ignore)


Owen said...

sounds familiar, i promised a colleague from sydney to give her a swarovski bracelet for her bday on november. swarovski items are cheaper at changi airport.

Princess of CJ said...

hope you can give her the present on her bday. hehehe!

my friends used to buy assorted crystals in quiapo or divisoria and produce crafts from them.

Cerridwen said...

i love those pearls...dainty looking...

Princess of CJ said...

hi cerridwen, thanks for dropping by.

yep, they're really cool. =D

dangkin said...

pahiram nga... bagay kaya sa akin yan? kasi kung bagay, magpapagawa din ako sa kanya.. :))

Princess of CJ said...

basta bigay, bagay. hehehe! ate is good in this craft. galing nya gumawa ng bracelet. matagal nga lang earrings kasi ngayon lng sya nag-try.