Saturday, July 1

Sci-fi Movies

I can count on my fingers how many sci-fi movies I've seen, though I certainly looooove watching movies. Movies such as these, just didn't caught my fancy.

Hubs is my complete opposite. He is so into it that you can't talk to him, let alone make any sound.

But since, I want us to do things together always, I am teaching my nerve to absorb the movies that he likes. And, I just want to return the favor because he instantly likes the movies that I will tend to watch. (thats another story to tell)

And so last night, I watched Superman Returns. The effects are great though the story is way too simple with predictable twist or no twist at all. Ohhh, Brandon Routh is simply a hunk and have an adorable face! I like his cleft-chin most. (don't know if I am making an under-statements here)

I'll rate the movie 5 out of 10! Ouch!

Didn't I tell you that I am not into it? =D