Sunday, July 2

Freezing Moment

Finally, the freezing moment for Pinoy world-wide was over. Pacman made it against Chololo.

All through out the event, I am freezing, I held my breath everytime Chololo gave Pacman a good punch or blow.

Actually, close to having a nervous breakdown. Too carried away.

But, its indescribable to see Pacman triumphs! I feel for him!

I bet all Filipinos are proud of him. ... I am!

(Photo swiped from Inq)


j said...

yahoo! mabuhay si Pacman, mabuhay ang Pinoy :)

Princess of CJ said...

Another field that Pinoys can excel! Im proud to be Pinoy!

Anonymous said...

No, i am not proud of him. I am not in favor of this kind of sports. Our life is a gift from God and we should treasure it. This kind of sports endangers one's life. Therefore, those who are engaged in this sports are not treasuring the gift of life.

Princess of CJ said...

really rol, you got me thinking. im now confused. hummm... =D thanks for the subtle awakening.