Friday, July 28

Cheer me up


Have you seen the attachment to a forwarded email where there are maggots on the lady’s tit?

Have seen it once.. and I really cringe (gave me gooseflesh)! I can’t bear to look at it again.

Until now! A forwarded email from hi-school friend has it. The picture is pasted in word document and took a little time to download.. and it was too late when I noticed what it was!

Now, the photo was inked in my mind for a long while and I seem can’t close my eyes (I feel like something is crawling on my feet right now).

It looks like I am over-reacting but I can’t stand those crawlies. I detest maggots, caterpillars, snakes, and ohhh.. any thing that crawl.

And to see it in human flesh!? I’m right on the edge!

PS. The sister (working in the international red cross org) of an officemate said that it was (is) indeed a disease in Africa. Bugs stick to clothes hangs on the clothesline and when worn, creep inside the human body through the pores.


dangkin said...

eww..that's so disgusting! 'remember seeing that before.. was the pic from africa? i thought people in that country are starving? she might need help from angelina jolie??? hehehehe

Ers said...

i think, it was from africa though it had been spreading ages ago. as what i've read, people are starving and form of any skin diseases (and AIDS) are widespread. they indeed need jolie! =D or many other jolies..