Saturday, July 29

What’s up for today?

It is the birthday of an officemate tomorrow and he chose to treat us today to a big lunch.

I’m full!

It’s also sort of a reunion for those who stayed and those who left the company for a greener (financial and career wise) pasture.

Today is the last 30 days of my career life here. It won’t be that long and I will be one of those who left for greener pasture. Only the main reason is family-oriented.

My days in the company are numbered. =D

Yes, I tendered my resignation letter, whatever the decision of the embassy to my visa application.

We haven’t received the feedback from the Australian Embassy yet, but Hubs CJ and I agreed that it would be best to hand-in my resignation now so the company will have ample time to hire my replacement.

But the power of positive thinking is working on me. I might be busy next week packing my stuff to be transported to the province.

For now, I have to prepare for the schedule of handing-over my functions to my buddy.


j said...

hi there, i hope everything works well with you and hubby. regards and take care.

please check out my blog, i made a special mention of LUCKY :)

Ers said...


lucky said, yes to alf's friendship!

dangkin said...

i really really hope you got it now so you can go and join your beloved!

Ers said...

yep, we got it yesterday so i will be in oz on our anniv.