Wednesday, September 20

New Found Passion

I was always fascinated by photos that have blurred backgrounds. Sometimes, I was jealous I may say, because I have been trying my luck in our camera to capture and frame such, but to no avail.

With my frustrations and eagerness, I just dip into photography (or I may say, the features of our camera). I reckon, these days are the perfect time to dig and unravel and learn and practice on the shutter button.

And so, one night when all the laundry was folded and neatly put away, when the dishes has been wiped and stacked in the cupboard, when the children has been put and tucked-in to bed.... now now... don't think that I am doing all these stuff (we don't have a child yet). Hehehe! What I just merely mean was, when I was bored one dusky moment and Hubs was not around, I sit infront of this computer like what I am doing right now and searched for online photography lessons, that are free of course. I found many but read one, but didn't go through it all as Hubs arrived and recommended me to browse our camera manual. Hummm, the first pages that I opened were, guess what? The use of aperture value and this thing is exactly what makes photos that have blurred background, well, that is if you have turned all the tuning and pushed the right buttons correctly. Ain't I soooo great that I know what pages the stuff that I was really looking for? Don't think that I am. Hehehe. Those pages that I happened to open were bookmarked. Don't be fooled. ;))

That night, I just read and sometimes understand the manual as well as did some practice on my foot. Hehehe. I did't got what I desired so I just put the cam away and forget it for the moment. Tomorrow, be sure that I will pick it again. And pick I did.

While Hubs was having breakie (My breakfast can wait but I can't), I grab the cam, wandered around and finally after a few not desirable snaps, I took what I wanted. Yaaayyyyy!

My subjects for now are flowers/plants (see below) as they are of abundance here. And besides, with photos that I've seen before using the aperture value were of flowers. I am quite satisfied with what I was able to framed and might move on to the next feature when I have decided what it is. Momentarily, I might focus on perfecting the use of aperture value as sometimes, I can't decipher why is it not increasing even when I have turned the tuning up. Might be the light around the subject? I don't know, if I knew I'd tell you. Hehehe!

You bet, more updates coming soon for my new found... passion!


dangkin said...

maybe someday i'll see one of your work in a magazine?

have fun on your new found passion ;)

Princess of CJ said...

maybe, ten years from now? that's not too big a dream. hehehe!