Sunday, September 17

Beautiful Sunday

I woke up late today, despite Hubs constant rocking on the bed because he’s getting chill on his kidney (I don’t know what exactly was that – hehehe) and him getting up right after two alarms on the mobile phone. Soo unusual of him, who must be dragged out of bed or greet his nose with steaming hot cuppa before he can make use of his senses. I long for a really long stay in bed especially in a cool morning and not to worry what time to get up as I don’t have an idea where and when are we going out. So that was it.

Just while I was cooking my breakfast (only mine as Hubs doesn’t really feel like having one), he announced, We’re going out now! Whoah! I am not half through cooking the scrambled eggs yet (yup, I cook.. but only eggs – which should be omelet but I don’t have an idea what should go with it) and the kettle wasn’t on yet for my coffee. Well, I just pleasantly told him, I am staying home and that would mean I would be all by myself until they came back. [Please don’t tell the burglars this ;o)] I just closed the gate right after they left. Now, I feel a little safer. We’re in a very quite neighborhood but the next door people might not even hear if I scream as the houses are 100 meters - ish afar. Ohhh, get this morbid idea out my head. ;o} Kidding aside, I am getting used living in a very quite jungle. Hehehe.

Anyway, the weather is really becoming beautiful today. More apt to the Queensland Tourism Slogan, Beautiful one day, perfect the next. That is if you don’t mind a few drizzles now and then which make the temperature a notch lower.

Being alone here, I was able to blog-hopped as long as I want, read personal and forwarded emails and able to scribble this post. Humm, I might want to watch an old movie Babe later which I found from the boxes the day before last. Hopefully, Hubs will be home a little early so we can sway to the bookstore and grab some for me to read for the next days. I am running out of things to read, books, magazines…. Ohh well, I haven’t dug out from the old dailies yet. Hehehe!

For now, back to blog-hopping…. And to my iced coffee.

Have a great week-end everyone!


dangkin said...

for your scrambled eggs, add mushroom, onions, carrots, & milk for added taste..yummy! :P

now, write it down! he.he.he.

Princess of CJ said...

thanks for the tip. i just threw in salt and pepper and poured a little milk, dont like slight taste of sweet or cream in it. =D