Friday, September 29

Spring Means Strawberries

I may sound like a broken record but I love strawberries. Isn't it obvious with my cursor? ;))

And with Spring here in Queensland comes the produce of Strawberries. There are many strawberry farms here that now sell the produce and I have seen some while we were on the road. Fruit markets sport lots of boxes of strawberries. There was even a Spring Strawberry Fair in the shire two weeks ago.

Last night, I got a taste of the local produce strawberry. It was not sour, not bitter, not too sweet. Just mild. Just the way I like it. I reckon it tastes better than the produce in Baguio or I may have just forgot how Baguio strawberries taste like. ;))

I am having my share again right now for my late brunch. Want some?


Mich said...

mmmm...sounds so yummy! :)

Princess of CJ said...

yummy indeed, mich! ;))