Wednesday, September 20


Yesterday, we happened to be in Beachmere, and by its name, obviously, it is on the beach side, close to the beach, along the beach, just mere beach..... or whatever as long as it has to do with the beach. Hehehe!

I didn't passed up the chance to dip into the water, NOT, but to just walk around the area... not far off though else Hubs might not find me when its time to leave. The water was not so alluring that you would not, in no time at all, find yourself wet let alone your feet as, it smelled fishy or I was just fussy as there were two teen-age bikers who, it seem to me, trying to catch fish in a made-up lake along the shore.

Anyway, I just took some shots and left off. The idea of frolicking into the water isn't charming, feeling that the temperature was still below 20.

Here, look what I've got... nothing astonishing though! ;(