Friday, December 4

New Goals

My brother in the Philippines wants to buy a used motorcycle but he can’t afford it. Well, supposedly big sister should lend a helping hand. But I don’t have money to spare. Mcj told me last night, we could if I haven’t been shopping every weekend like it’s going out of fashion.

That struck home. I realised that. I have actually been thinking for a couple of weeks now and asking myself, why do I feel the urge to go somewhere particularly at the shops every week (but I haven’t bought any iphone accessories). That, despite our weekly shopping.

The answer? I’ve been tiresome and bored so I would drag Jens to any shops. Being a shopaholic has actually caught on Jens now. This all started when I know how to drive and owned a car.

With the realisation, admission and the resolve to change come alternative activities. Actually, not alternative but simply activities that have run out of fashion in my books. Things like sewing, cooking, baking, decorating, organising.

I am setting goals now so I will be inspired to do them. Like:
• Cook one new meal every weekend.
• Bake at least twice a month.
• Create, sew or mend one item once a month.
• Organise one drawer, cupboard or wardrobe once a month.
• Go to the park, pool or beach every weekend.

I have to do a series of tasks first before I can work on them but hey, I’m on the first step. I need to focus. Well, I suppose with the big holiday coming up, I can be excused if I’m a bit slack.

As for my brother, I have to mull over at least 50 times if his wish will come true.