Monday, April 28

Winter Is Here!

Winter is two days away. But it has been cold for almost a month now.

As much as I don't like hot season, it doesn't mean that I love the cold. As a matter of fact, I can't stand it. I guess, I am so used with the tropical weather in the Philippines, though we are living in a tropical state of Australia it still gets below 20 degrees at times.

It's not just the flu and cold that the winter brings that I don't like but also the winter eating habit. I bet all of you would agree that we tend to pig out when it's cold. And because most of us prefer the warmth of our homes, we got nothing to do but think what can we put in our mouth, sleep or be a couch potato and watch the tube. I'm thankful of Jens though as he gets me active and eventually not putting on weight (lest I would be inclined to try losing weight with Anoretix, NOT).


Anonymous said...

well, it's spring out here. hehe