Friday, April 18

Why Do You Get Insured?

The northern part of Queensland (the state where we live) was hit by a storm and flash flood this last summer. Houses were damages as well as the contents, live stocks died, cars were awashed, businesses lost their stock, and many more damages had been caused on affected areas. I didn't hear that there were lives lost but there were near death experiences for some who were stranded in their car in the middle of flooded roads or were carried by the strong current of water. The photo was horrifying at the same time heart wrenching.

What is more horrendous was the fact that some insurance companies denied insurance claims because as they say, flood was not covered. How appalling is that if you're one of the natural disaster victims? I think house and content insurance companies have always managed to deny claims for natural disasters that could create mass damage like flood or drought. Yes drought. It was also in the news last year that claimant was denied in their claims for damages on their property because of drought as according to the insurance company, it was an unforseen catastrophe and the magnitude of damage was unexpected. Isn't that the reason why you're getting insurance for your house?

Anyway, after that flood incident we can now see ads for insurance company specifically for flood damages.

If you've noticed, auto insurance company can not deny any claims for damages on cars or any vehicle for that matter. I think, any type of damages as long as not intentional, on the vehicle have been expected by auto insurance companies, hence they are covered. In our side of the world, insurance companies for auto are of great numbers - based on the ads that I see on television. And choosing one makes it difficult. :)